IR Ghost Hunting Camera - Sees in the Dark!

This digital camera can see the Infrared, Ultraviolet & Visible Light Spectrums!!

Like New 5.1 megapixel (black) Full Spectrum Vivitar 5018 ghost hunting camera conversion with zoom. This is a used camera that has been converted (by to see in the dark when an IR illuminator is used (not included). [The above photos were shot in dark conditions using only an A/C powered blacklight bulb as the illuminator. To the camera, the room appeared illuminated.] Stock cameras are able to see part of the UV and visible light spectrum. The alteration performed on this camera allows its eye to also see into the Infrared spectrum!  

The normal range a camera sees is roughly 340-750nm.  This camera conversion allows it to see a maximum potential from about 330nm UV to 1200nm near infrared, effectively expanding the camera's ability to see beyond what the human eye can see!

Due to the camera's lens alteration, it will not produce digital photographs in normal colors.  Being a new camera of 5.1 megapixels, it will have better clarity than our older (1.3 and 2.1 megapixel) IR converted cameras.

You might be wondering what advantage this altered camera brings to ghost hunting?  When used in low-light conditions (preferred by most ghosts), the camera should be used in conjunction with an Infrared light source (battery powered IR illuminator or an AC powered illuminator) with the flash turned off. This will allow you to take photographs in dark conditions - to the camera it will look like daylight (similar to Sony video camcorders with "night shot"). Additionally, if you do not use the camera's flash unit, it becomes difficult to capture false orbs caused by dust, moisture and insects (unless you put a light source too close to the camera lens). If you photograph an orb with this camera, it is a good chance it is paranormal!

This camera does not come with an SD memory card, owner's manual, or any accessories. Note: You will need an SD memory card. A USB cable is not necessary to upload photographs if your computer has an SD card reader built-in. The digital ghost hunting camera runs on 2 AAA batteries (not included). The 5018 model is smaller and a less expensive alternative to owning an expensive IR converted ghost hunting camera.

IR-UV-Visible Light camera conversions are often costly to have done, so this camera is a great, inexpensive addition to your ghost investigation toolkit!  It should be used primarily indoors or in low-light conditions.

This camera does not come with a warranty or guarantee.  Also, we do not take returns, so make sure you understand how this camera is to be used. CONDITION: The camera's body and LCD screen is cosmetically like new. It is black  in color. The 5018 model is a basic model that takes exceptionally clear full spectrum images. We have tested this camera fully after our conversion. It turns on and functions normally. Purchaser should keep in mind that it is considered a USED camera. *Camera also comes with our sheet of recommendations on how to use it.

5.1 Megapixel Vivitar 5018 Camera Conversion is an easy to use and affordable digital camera. It features very compact and lightweight and is perfect for all occasions.

Manufacturer's 5018 Specifications:
Product Type: Digital camera - compact
Red Eye Reduction: Yes
Flash Modes; Fill-in mode, auto mode, flash OFF mode, red-eye reduction
Camera Flash: Built-in flash
Still Image Format: JPEG
Digital Video Format: AVI
White Balance: Automatic
Exposure Compensation: ±2 EV range, in 1/3 EV steps
Exposure Modes: Program, automatic
Min Shutter Speed: 1/2 sec
Max Shutter Speed: 1/2000 sec
Light Sensitivity: ISO auto
Effective Sensor Resolution: 5,100,000 pixels
Optical Sensor Type: CMOS
Resolution: 5.1 Megapixel
Digital Zoom: 8 x
Shooting Modes: Frame movie mode
Supported Battery Details: 2 x AAA
Weight 2.8 oz
Height 2.4 in
Depth 0.8 in
Width 3.3 in
Supported Flash Memory: SD Memory Card, SDHC Memory Card
Integrated Memory: 16 MB ( SDRAM )
Display Form Factor: Built-in, LCD, 1.8" - color

Fringe Ghost Investigation Technology courtesy of Angels & Ghosts!