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Angel Picture
of the Month
for August 2006
Angel Pictures

Holy Hill Angel Picture
Famous place for miracles
has orbs above statues
and people - angels??

Abbey Angel Picture
Is this a trick of light or an
angelic being?

Rainbow Angel Photo
Angel in the clouds picture
is inspirational...  

New York  Angels
Cathedral in NYC has orbs
floating over head.

Angel Image
Angel picture featuring
spirit forming in a room
that looks to have a head.

Angel Haven Picture
Is a newborn a haven for
angels?  Neat angel

Angel Holding A Baby
Angel picture of clouds
forming two figures.
Angel Pictures  

Angel Candle Picture
Angel appears in heat or
smoke above a candle.

Angel Face Angel Pic
Is there a face of an angel
in this orb picture?  You

Angel Window Picture
Angel picture of a man or
an angel standing inside a

Devil Cloud Picture
Pretty cool picture of a
face in the sky.

Alien Sky Picture
Another fun picture from
Mona taken of the clouds.

Padre Pio Angel Picture
Famous Saint museum
produces an orb in photo.
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