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These spiritual & angel
pictures were received by

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 angel picture
Angel Picture
of the Month
for September
Angel Pictures

Madonna & Child Angel
Great angel photo of
clouds forming the mother
and son.

House of Prayer Angel
Amazing angel picture of
two figures praying in
Mike's house.

Spirit Prayer Photo
Meditation causes spirit to
from around this man.  

Jesus Photo
Is this picture of an angel
or of Jesus?

Mary Jesus Angel
Is this an apparition, angel
or ghost in this church?
Angel Pictures

Grave Angel Picture
Awesome angel picture.  
A must see as you won't
believe your eyes!

Glass Angel Picture
Is this anomaly in a
window an angel?  You

Guardian Angel Picture
Orange and green
anomalies surround this

Santa Angel Pictures?
Do these two pictures
have angels in them or
Angel Pictures

Angels In Clouds Pic
Beautiful sky angel
pictures has many forms
in it...

Grandmas Angel Picture
Angel picture of a gold orb
beside a sick granny.

Smoke Or Angel Pics
Two wedding photos from
the same building have a
mysterious mist in them.

Post Mortem Angel
Did PMPI capture an
angel in these pics?
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