Angel Smoke Angel Picture

Donald Smith of Delaware sent us the following angel pictures and story...

"In april of 2005 my grandmom past away. These pictures were taken at my aunt's house in Long Neck, Delaware about ten days later. Lots of pictures get taken there, because it's a vacation spot. This is the first I've ever seen of the 'smoke.' I knew in my heart that is was something strange, because no one was smoking. The boy in the picture is my son who was extremely close to my grand mom. It seems as if something is holding or protecting him. The beach picture was taken on a separate camera the same night. Turn the picture sideways and look at the "angel smoke" at the bottom left. Note the wings and the gown!"

The first two pictures clearly show vapor trails of spirit presence....or ectoplasm.  The photos were not very clear for enlargement.

3) Though not very clear, it is still possible to see the angel in the picture...note the "smokiness" at the bottom of the angel image.