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These spiritual & angel
stories were received by

Angels & Ghosts
Enjoy angel stories sent to us for this
month.  These are real angel stories as
experienced and mailed to us by our
Angel Story of the Month for
September 2006:   
Night Shift Angel Story
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Angel Stories

Night Shift Angel Story
Nurse sees an angel in a
nursing home at night.  So
did others...

God Watching Angel Story
A sighting and signs from
angels encourages Jonathan
in his new home.

Near Death Angels
Angel story about a
visitation during a hospital

Angel Intervention Story
Lady who attempted suicide
escapes unscathed.  Was it
angels?  Read her story.

Messages From Angels
Read stories about angels
giving truths about the
afterlife and God.

Angel Videos
Unbelievable angel craze hit
Europe.  These are a must
ufo pictures
angel art
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