Angels are supernatural beings found in most religions and believed to have abilities to either protect, guide or direct people living on Earth.

Every culture in the world has some sort of lore about angels held within their belief system, especially that angels are spirit messengers who, from time to time, interact with the living. As one might imagine, there are common threads found within lore; but there are also disagreements about the nature of angels and what their purpose might be. Some believe angels are real; other cultures view them as figments of the imagination or ancient creations from religion or fable.

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The term 'angel' is derived from the Greek word, angelos, and means "messenger."

Angels are considered by many to be servants of God, acting as emissaries, messengers or facilitators who can bring change to humanity when directed by the Divine; but, this belief may hold a very limited view of the angelic. Angels have now evolved in our consciousness.

Modern beliefs in angels include a much more personal interpretation, especially the idea that angels interact with each and every person (e.g. guardian angels). Because angels are known as communicators, we may want to also include human spirits in their definition. The interaction between spirits and the living, including spirit communication, is eerily similar to descriptions of angels (with human form) found in the Bible.

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