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by Laurence Stanway

Here's an excerpt from the book "Awoken by an Angel."  The book tells the true
story of my own experiences and how an encounter with an angel changed my life!
The lights of the city sparkle off the dark harbour
looming below. I wonder what it would feel like to
jump off into its dark waters beneath me. Would
anyone miss me? How long, if at all would it take
until my corpse washed up on some wharf or
jetty? Or will I just be consumed by a giant shark
never to be seen again? These thoughts cross
my mind.

The power of the city grinds its successes into to
my face as the corporate logos illuminate the
night sky; I am reminded of who I am and what I have become. A gentle zephyr
caresses my face as if to comfort me. I plod along regardless. I make my way
down towards George Street until I get to Central railway station.

It must have been around four a.m. The city was silent. I made my way into the
tunnel that links Broadway to Liverpool Street. There was not a soul to be seen.
Only the giant rats that lived in the underground walk way were awake, and they
scurried away from me into the drains that line either side of the tunnel. My
footsteps echo through the silence interrupted only by the sound of the rats.
“Laurence” a female voice calls out of the silence.
The only way to describe her tone of voice is that
of care. Like when somebody who really loves
you is trying to wake you up from a deep,deep
sleep; so as not to frighten you.

I stop and turn around to see who is behind me.
There is nobody there, not even the rats! They
have all scurried off in fear of unexpected human
intrusion. I check myself. I must be imagining
things. I continued to walk as if nothing happened.
“Laurence.”  This time the voice is closer, louder and a little more serious, but still
loving; as if to say, “Wake up!”  That’s it.  I turn around again - still nobody in sight.

“Who is it?  Stop playing games! If you want something... just ask!”  My voice
reverberates through the tunnel.  I am curiously afraid.  No other sound or sight of
another person can be seen or heard.  I start to walk cautiously, expecting
someone to jump me.  I listen very attentively to my own footsteps and wait for the
sound of somebody else’s, as I continuously look over my shoulder, hoping to
surprise my attacker.

“Laurence.”  This time the voice is right next to me.  There is no one there, just the
warm and comforting voice of what sounds like a beautiful woman; an angel.  I ran
like hell!

The above story was an excerpt from the true story of Laurence Stanway.
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