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Best Ghost Photos & Ghost Pictures: '04 -'07
Review some of the best ghost pictures sent in to Angels & Ghosts in our first 3 years...

The following is a collection of some of the best ghost pictures we have received over a three year period can be found on this page. In short, we gathered together each "ghost picture of the month" from our archives to create this "best of the best" ghost photos page. We've also made notes beside each photograph, letting you know our opinion. Enjoy our photos of ghosts and choose your own favorite best ghost pic! Also see our Best Ghost Pictures from 2008-2009.
Vortex Ghost Picture
One of the best vortex ghost pictures we have seen!
India Apparition Ghost Picture
Stunning specter of a man behind two children.
Mohican Ghost Photo
Supercharged energy from an Ohio park. Could it be the camera setting?
Big Apparition Ghost Picture
Matt sent us one of the freakiest, best ghost pictures ever!
French Maid Ghost Picture
Interesting ghost photo of what looks like a woman. Pareidolia?
Best Ghost Photos Gallery
Figure on Headstone
Look close at this ghost picture...he looks to be from another century.
Lady on a Balcony
Best ghost picture of a woman in dress above them in white.
Blackpool Waxworks Head
Ghost picture of a lady's head on glass. Photoshopped?
Glowing Light Ghost Picture
Glowing light coming out of a Night time flash setting?
Soldier Apparition Ghost Picture
The best apparition of a soldier ghost you will see.
Farm Machine Ghost Picture
Just a crazy ghost picture. Bugs in front of the lens?
Haunted Museum Ghost Picture
Man in a hat. Is he a ghost or display mannequin?
Vonda's Ectoplasm Pic
Spiritual presence surrounds her while posing for the camera.
Red Orbs Ghost Picture
Red balls of light circle under his chair after his passing. Was it him?
Winchester House Ghost Picture
Strange anomaly outside the haunted home. Lint on the lens?
City Ghost Photograph
Apparition in the background or a marker?
Ghostly Lightning Pic
Yes, it looks like paranormal electricity.
Old Ghost Photo
A great grandfather in an old pic has something strange beside him.
Moundsville Shadow Man
Polly Gear captured the best shadow ghost picture at the WV Pen.
Murder Scene Ghost Picture
Photo taken onsite, afterward, may have incredible ghost mist?
Oklahoma Ectoplasm Ghost
One of the best ectoplasm ghost pictures.
Haunting Ghost Picture
Energy captured at a haunted home. Light reflection?
Concert Energy Ghost Picture
Great ghost photo of ecto forming a person on top of the rocking crowd.
Silver Queen Apparition
Period dressed woman running down a hallway.
1929 Ghost Picture
Simply one of the best ghost pictures we have seen. Amazing story.
Man Ghost in the Basement
This is one freaky ghost photograph and story!
Myrtles Plantation Ghost Soldiers
Ghost Picture of the British on the property. Is it possible?
Little Girl Ghost Photo
Silhouette of a small person has been debated. Ghost or flash-created?
Dead Guitarist Ghost Picture
Mist forms a man in a chair! Photo-edited or real ghost?
Man On Bench Ghost Picture
Human form sitting on a park bench in Germany.
Staircase Ghost Picture
Man peering over spiral upstairs railing. Spirit or tourist?
Bonfire Ghost Picture
Black manly figure is standing in the flames unharmed!
1963 Ghost Picture
Someone is behind the man on the rocking chair, but who?
Grandpa's Chair Ghost Picture
Ghost is in red, holding the baby...spooky!
Coat Apparition Ghost Picture
Robe on a coat rack or apparition of a person?
Martin Luther King House Ghost
Fantastic ghost photo taken in front of his birth home.
Halloween Night Ghost Picture
A face peers down upon them in this best ghost picture of the month!
Horse Spirit Ghost Picture
Incredible ghost picture of the animal in spirit running.

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