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Bright Angel
Bright Angel is a Vivacious Read
The media release for the book,
Bright Angel, by Isabelle Merlin
summarizes the fictional story found between its covers best.

“When Sylvie and her older sister survive a horrific encounter
with a gunman, they're sent to stay with their aunt in the south
of France. There, Sylvie meets a little boy called Gabriel, who
says he can see angels. Gabriel's fiercely protective older
brother, Daniel, although initially rude and dismissive, grows a
lot more charming and Sylvie finds herself falling for him.

But when Gabriel is kidnapped, dark and dangerous secrets
start to emerge. Sylvie will need all her courage, the skills of
Houdini and the blessing of the angels to see her friends and
family again.”
Isabelle Merlin's twisting plot and infectious
storytelling creates a wonderful mystery that will
thrill readers, especially girls from teen to adult.
The lead character, Sylvia, is said to be “in the
wrong place at the wrong time,” but perhaps
this likable teen is in all the right places at the
right time. Her life seems to unfold in a way that
makes us wonder about the highs and lows we,
too, experience in our lives. As the suspense
builds, one cannot help but think about the
existence of something greater, maybe even
angels or the Divine, working within each of our
lives. This book begs the question: Do
interventions from a higher power, specifically angels, occasionally occur somewhere within
everyone's experiences sooner or later? And, if so, are benevolent spirits watching over us
in order to insure events take place for the greater good? Readers of
Bright Angel might
find themselves examining the paths they have taken in life a little more closely, wondering if
they have had help, from time to time, from their own bright angel, too.

Author Isabelle Merlin's writing style is wonderfully young, fresh, descriptive, and alluring. At
times, the scenes she describes evolve from the real to the surreal. As angel stories go,
Bright Angel is a true pleasure to read, an appetizing story to devour.
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