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Cameras are an invaluable tool and a must for investigating a haunting.  They provide
visual documentation of the investigation and the phenomena occurring.  Since, cameras
are neither for or against the paranormal, they allow what we do not see with our closed
minds to be photographed.  Digital cameras provide more results and are best for ghost
hunting because they can show you what's in your picture right after you took the photo.  
Digital photos are available to upload to your computer immediately after the ghost hunt,
while the events are still fresh in your mind.
Buy A Digital Camera For Ghost Hunting
Psychic photography is simply just following what you feel or sense, and taking pictures
using intention and intuition.  When attempting psychic photography you should load the
film into the camera on arrival of the investigation site.  Many say this will show the
intention you have and draw spirits to you to photograph.  When taking pictures it is also
wise to notify others in the area you are taking a photo, so they are prepared for the
flash.  Psychic photography is usually best achieved during the hours between 9 p.m. and
6 a.m.; but the best time for you will be when you have the feeling something is near you
or watching you - you should go with that instinct.   While photographing at the
investigation site, you should try to avoid mirrors, glass, lights, poles or any other
obstruction that will interfere with evaluation or determination of the photograph and it’s
elements; otherwise you may want to note the possibility of a false result with those photos
taken.  Also, make sure your camera strap is removed and fingers are not in front of the
lens, as they can appear as convincing paranormal evidence.  It is good to catalog your
photos with the corresponding negative for archival storage.  If using a digital camera,
simply save the ghost photos and corresponding notes to a cd disk.
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