Ghost Doll in Car?

A big-headed, mysterious figure, some say looks like a doll, appears inside of a car in this snap. Is it a ghost, reflection or what?

"The photo was taken on Christmas (day) last year at a resort. The car was part of a display of the new movie about Alvin and the Chipmunks - nobody noticed that doll-like thing in the car until a few days later." - Brown

"The photo was taken by my cousin. ...waited for them to take photos for around five minutes, so if somebody put that doll in, it's highly unlikely we would not notice. I thought it was a reflection, at first, but it does not look like one. There were presents as decorations placed in the back seat, but nothing in the front (of the car). There were rice lights above the ceiling but no other decorations. The ceiling was modified into a forest, with fake leaves that covered the ceiling and some fake animals (like a monkey and snake) - but none of those had one bit of red color." - Brown


We definitely believe the images is in the car. But, we wonder if the packages stacked in the back seat could have created the face of a person - a pareidolia effect (see Ghosts: What Is Matrixing?). Take a look and decide!