Ghost Box Tips

Learn tips for how to conduct better ghost box communication sessions...

Ghost Box TipsGhost Box Help: Tips and Instruction
For the ghost box to operate properly, a good signal is a must. As long as there are stations picked up in one's area, the ghost box will work whether AM or FM is used. AM stations tend to give more human voice fragments, while FM will typically have more music. This does not matter, as we were able to receive plenty of messages with both bands. If a signal is weak, look to try and strengthen the antenna. Radio Shack, for example, sells AM and FM antenna boosters. If using FM, you may be able to simply lengthen the antenna or place it higher for better reception. When using the ghost box, we recommend taking notes and recording all sessions. Many times messages will be received that will not be detected "live." Other times, live messages will easily be heard and can be replied to. It is good to ask plenty of questions, but allow reasonable amounts of time for answers, such as 20 seconds. Often we found we were speaking over the spirit voices and their messages, so sometimes it is good to just listen. Later, the audio can be reviewed during playback. Experiment and be patient with yourself and the spirits. Over time, you will receive messages and have what we call a "time of proving." When a credible message is received that is beyond the realm of random chance of occuring, you will be convinced that two-way communication is occuring with your ghost box.

Ghost Box Tips 2Ghost Box Recording and Editing 
We found the best way to record the ghost box sessions is with a simple hand-held digital recorder which can be purchased at an electronics store. Place the recorder near the ghost box, but be sure the volume of the ghost box is not too loud or your recording will be ruined. Practice will show you what volume to set the ghost box at for the best recording results. The digital recorder should be able to record both the ghost box and your voice while asking questions. Shorter recordings work best, as they allow for easier editing and especially the dissemination of recording sessions into sections. Longer recordings make it much more difficult to "find" certain sections, while having several recordings of a couple minutes length each make it much easier to sort through, especially if good notes are taken. After recording your sessions with the ghost box, you will want to upload the audio to a computer. Your digital recorder should have come with software and a USB cord to do this process quite easily.

Once the recordings are on your computer, downloading a free or inexpensive audio editor should do the trick for analyzing and editing your files (Audacity, WavePad, etc). Your recordings will not need to be over-adjusted. Using a decent pair of headphones, listen to the file and work through it slowly. Sometimes, it is necessary to increase the volume level of the file to hear it better, but only if the volume of the ghost box was too low during the ghost box session. When detecting what seems to be a message within the audio file, simply cut the section out from the rest of the audio and listen to it closer. If a message is indeed there, we prefer trimming out irrelevant audio frags to shorten and clean-up the message. If some of the messages are very fast, making them harder to discern, we recommend slowing the audio down a bit to help in hearing it clearer. Of course, this usually means the volume of the audio file will have to be increased a bit, too. After practice and a good connection with the spirit realm is established, the frequency of spirit messages will elevate. Be prepared to be amazed at the amount of messages some of your sessions will yield! (Watch our Ghost Box How-To videos.)

Ghost Box Recording Tips: What to ExpectWhat to Expect From the Ghost Box 
The more one uses these devices the better the contact seems to become with the other side. At times, it seems that perhaps other spirits are even brought to communicate with the ghost box user. The personalities of the ghosts or spirits will vary and may be found to be very loving to extremely negative, or anything in-between. I believe that there are two classes of spirits to note: earthbound spirits and spirits from the Light. Earthbound Spirits are lost, and in need of assistance moving beyond the earthly realm. These are what we call ghosts, and are people who have died and did not move unto the tunnel of light after death of their physical body. They are responsible for most of the "help" messages received by the ghost box. In contrast, the spirits of the Light are those who seek to help the Earthbound spirits, having already transitioned to the Light after death of the physical body, we suspect. We have not experienced demons, devils or the like through these devices, but have experienced nasty Earthbound spirits. Yet, they seem nothing more than lost, hurting people, but without bodies - nothing to fear. Locations can play a big part in the amount, as well as the type of messages received through the ghost box, especially with Earthbound spirits as they sometimes seem attached to a location. For example, we recorded some very clear and highly active messages at an apartment of a man who had recently passed. Also, we found that a former mental institution and nearby cemetery were extremely active with numerous help messages being heard. Interestingly, recordings of multiple spirits discussing us, as well as spirits of the Light conversing with Earthbound Spirits in order to help them were also captured by our audio recorder. Other messages were also recorded of spirits from the Light relaying higher messages of truth and love. In contrast, messages were recorded 
of Earthbound spirits trying to be playful, tricky, loving, friendly, mean, nasty and foul-mouthed. Expect the gammit of messages, while working with your ghost box.