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James Dean was a famous movie star of the 1950's and he liked to live life in
the fast lane. In 1955, he was attracted to a silver gray 1955 Porsche Spider.  
He bought the car planning to race it. Dean was thrilled with the car, but
several of his friends were not.  Actor, Alec Guiness told Dean to get rid of the
car. George Barris said the car seemed to give off "a weird feeling of an
impending doom."

Mechanic Rolf Wuetherich rode with Dean.  Once on the open road, Dean
sped along until a highway trooper pulled the Porsche over and gave Dean a
ticket.  Soon Dean and Wuetherich were beginning the ascent of the Diablo
Range mountains.  At 5.59 P.M. Dean smashed head on into another car.
Dean was killed instantly.  Wuetherich was thrown free but suffered extensive
injuries. The other car's driver suffered only minor cuts.  The Porsche was
very badly mangled.

Later on, the car was sold to a man who planned to use it for spare parts. But
upon the car's arrival at the garage, it fell during unloading on to a mechanic
breaking one of his legs.  Then two physicians bought the engine and drive
train to place in their own race cars. On October 2, 1956 they raced the cars
using these parts for the first time.  One was killed in an accident and the
other seriously injured. Two of the tires off Deans car were sold to a young
man who later reported that both tires had blown out, at the same time - very
nearly causing a serious accident.

Souvenir seeking fans tried to steal parts off Dean's car only to suffer severe
injuries. The California Highway Patrol decided to use Dean's vehicle as part
of a safety exhibit.  During one of the exhibits, the garage used to house
Dean's car went up in flames. Strange...all the vehicles inside were destroyed
except Deans car.

Later, when on display at a Sacramento high school, the car fell off its
pedestal breaking a students hip. Then after that, the car was sent to Salinas,
but on the way, the car fell off the flat bed truck killing the driver.  Two years
later, it fell off another truck causing an accident. Then in 1958 it caused
another accident.  In 1959, the car was on display when for no reason it
suddenly collapsed into eleven pieces. In 1960 the car was crated and sent to
Los Angeles; but it never arrived. Somewhere on the way it just disappeared.