Ghost Drumming Ghost Video


Story Behind the Ghost Drumming
This is the second of two ghost videos of mysterious drumming in the background. While filming at a campground near where the Whiskey Flat Massacre occurred, a ghost drummer begins drumming in the background. No one heard the drumming audibly while there. This EVP was captured by L.I.P.S. and sent by founder Kathy Owen.

"...those drums...nobody heard any drums that night, but the EVP picked that up...and it was in a campground! Weird, huh? The only thing we heard that night was a dog barking in the distance, and a few birds we had woke up that were in the trees. BUT NO DRUMS! It even followed us to the 1800's cemetery three miles away. Wild..isn't it? Mikel got that off of his digital camera, he had it set on video; but the night was too dark to pick up the video...just audio. My digital voice recorder picked up a little girl voice saying, 'Can you help me?' She was saying it to my daughter Kimberly. Kim heard a little girl laughing at the campground, and she picked up the girl saying that. I got the little girl to talk to me - her name was Loretta, she was seven years old; she started crying because she was scared and couldn't find her mommy. My son Daniel picked up the same readings, so this little girl was coming in strong." - Kathy

Was this snare drumming from the U.S. Cavalry that roamed the area in the 1800's? Some have theorized this could have been cell phone interference. It sounds too much like a drum and rhythmic in our opinion. What do you think? Denisee sent us a website about the fifes and drums that were used by the U.S. military in the 1800's. You can even listen to drumming at: The Civil War Fife & Drum Page.

Lake Isabella Paranormal Society also captured a ghostly female voice: Campground Ghost EVP

You can read more about the massacre of the Native Americans who died in the Kern River Valley (CA), thanks to the research of Lake Isabella Paranormal Society: