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by Kay from Orlando, Florida
When I was younger...perhaps 11, something really scary happened to me.  It was a nice,
sunny Saturday or Sunday morning.  I think it was Saturday.  I was sitting in the kitchen of my
grandparents' 100 year old home.  Then, I knew nothing of the home's age, and I didn't care.  
I was eating a waffle and talking energetically to my grandparents.  We were all enjoying
waffles.  I was sitting at the head of the table, right in front of a window, but not facing it; and
was happy until a sudden dark shadow plunged in front of the window, darkening the room
considerably.  I remember my grandmother saying,"That was too big to be a bird."  Being
scared, I insisted for two years that the house was possessed...often running around
moaning, "The house is possessed!!! Ahhh!"  I was an over dramatic kid.  A year later, my
grandfather took down his above-ground pool and found allot of old glass bottles.  It was then
that I was informed of the home's age.  Later in the month, I had seen a shoe.  It was old,
worn,and ratty with a dinosaur on it.  My cousin thinks it was from that time, for none of us
actually owned a shoe like that.  I don't think so.  My grandparents moved, and my
grandmother keeps telling me a story that goes something like this: "When you moved, me
and papa thought we heard someone walking up the stairs on the other side of the house. At
first we thought it was Uncle Wayne and didn't think much of it.  When he moved, the noises
never stopped.  One night, both of us sat up in bed and said, 'Did you hear that?'"  My
grandparents use to live in a two-sided home and my family and I lived on one side -- the
haunted one.  I didn't like it, but I really didn't think it was haunted.  I was a heavy sleeper
anyway, and wouldn't awake to the noises.

I have yet another story. When I was little, I remember having an imaginary friend named
Sally.  My parents insist that the friend's real name was Fordom.  Well, I was attached to my
friend, setting her place and everything.  I remember when her 'parents' went 'away' and she
was sad.  It was as if Sally was sad, as if her parents died.  I remember a huge feeling of
distance from her parents.  It's a vivid memory.  She was a constant companion,and I often
felt her existence when I would swing on the swing-set in my back yard, or stare at the fence
and the junkyard-like yard of a neighbor.  I was afraid of uncle's room.  I had
once stole a lock and locked it onto my bed, where it still is today.  I'm only 14.  What scared
me was that years later, I had asked my sister (who was four at the time) what I should name
my Sim on the Sims.  "Sally. Name her Sally! I like that name," was her reply.  She had no
imaginary friends, since she has a sister that is only a year younger than her.  Was Sally real
or a fake image in my head?  I don't know.  I'm certain, though, that if I still lived in that old
house that Sally would befriend my sister.  I think she was a spirit that died after her parents
did. I think she died of a disease, for I remember her being pale with blond hair and blue
eyes -- much like me.  She wore a dress...plaid, with ribbons on the side.
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