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Various ghost videos to consider...are they real?

These ghost videos vary by subject, but each presents interesting ideas to consider.

We really enjoyed watching Patrick Doyle's re-creation of a popular ghost video found on YouTube.  He shows how the trick ghost video was done.  You'll be surprised to see how easy we can be fooled!

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Ghost Videos
Vending Machine Ghost
A food machine at work has a mind of its own, but is that a face appearing in the reflection of the Pepsi machine?

Disneyland Ghost Video
Disney is known for tricks and ghosts, but is this a real ghost walking across the park? Or, is this just another good example of mouse engineering? This ghost even walks on water!

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Ghost Videos
Graveyard Ghost?
Ghost video showing what may be walking the plots, or is it just a hoax?

Ghost Head Debunk Video
Patrick of Haunted Hoax shows how easy it is to fool people with the video camera...

Bar Ghost Video
Paranormal group tries to get a ghost to move a drinking straw. Was it a ghost?

Angels & Ghosts promotes spirituality, through exploring ghosts & spirits, but we also wish to educate.  As always with any evidence, you the viewer, decide for yourself...

Ghost Videos
Croxteth Hall Ghost
Security camera video captures a glowing figure walking across the lawn. Looks like a bug to us...

Impound Ghost Video
Now, famous ghost video is explored by a local news team.

Doll Grew Old Video
Odd ball video showing a macabre doll face that allegedly aged this way on its own in an attic.

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