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Various ghost videos to consider...are they real?

Most of the following ghost videos are different videos that purportedly contain evidence of ghosts.

However, a couple of the ghost videos are actually reports of ghost evidence being faked on a popular TV show.  Take a look and decide for yourself.

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Ghost Videos
Horsing Riding Ghost
Ghost video showing a man who mysteriously appears near horse riders!

Horse Head Video
An accidental ghost video or was the vaporous horse head added in?

Headless Ghost Video
Ghost video from India with a headless man walking around in a room...

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Ghost Videos
Shadow Ghost In Chair
Purportedly older video with a shadow that hovers above a chair then rises up and moves about.

Ghost In Closet Video
Interesting video of a shadow hiding in a closet that peers out! Is it real?

10 Best Ghost Videos
TAPS Ghost Hunters best video evidence of ghosts from the first four seasons.

Angels & Ghosts promotes spirituality, through exploring ghosts & spirits, but we also wish to educate.  As always with any evidence, you the viewer, decide for yourself, as these videos are from around the Internet...

Ghost Videos
TAPS Myrtles Debunk
A must-see video of a moving lamp. Table cloth has been changed. Has this scene been staged?

Debunking TAPS Vid
TAPS Ghost Hunters moving water bottle scene has major issues. Wait until you see this!

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