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Searching and documenting
ghosts and the paranormal,
we have received several
ghost videos.  Watch this
month's ghost videos sent to
Angels & Ghosts.

We are using Flash format
for quicker bigger videos
wherever possible.

Can't see the videos?  You may need
Flash 9 or the latest FireFox browser.  It's
December Ghost Videos  

Shadow Ghost Video
Two ghost videos of a
shadow moving across the
screen with sound!

Exorcist Video
Twelve minute video by
Michael Lynch of
paranormal St. Louis...

Ouija Board Video
Video of a medium using
the board with another
person for a reading.

Orbs In Flight
Another ghost video
exploring orbs flying around
a room.

Scariest Ghosts Video
Forty minute documentary
of scary ghosts caught on

Ghost Hunters Spoof
As seen on David
Letterman, a funny take on
SciFi's Ghost Hunters.
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