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This month's real ghost videos were sent to Angels & Ghosts for all to study on our ghostly journey!

Each ghost video has its own page.  We post ghost videos of personal ghost encounters & and ghostly investigations each month.

We are using Flash format for quicker bigger videos wherever possible.

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Feb '08 Ghost Videos

Paris TB Hospital Video  

Kentucky Area Paranormal Society sent us this very interesting apparition ghost video, recorded in an old tuberculosis hospital.

Spirit Picture Video
Famous angel, ghost or spirit picture explained in this video we found.

Wildland Ghost Video
Who appeared with this Australian rock band during the filming of their music video?  Whoever it was, was not the opening act.

Renovation Ghost Video
Cool video of a frustrated ghost vandalizing a remodeled home.
Feb '08 Ghost Videos 

Security Camera Orb 
A moving orb dances in front of the video camera.  Nice ghost video sent to us from South Africa.

Japanese Ghost Video
Is this ghost video of an apparition a fake or real?

Graveyard Ghost Video
What is this anomaly moving on the right side of this ghost video? Hmm... 

Basement Orbs Video
Ghost Video of orbs interacting with a lady in her basement.  Nice, interesting documentary.

Typewriting Ghost Video
Wild ghost video Story!
Feb '08 Ghost Videos

Ghost Hunt Setup Video

COPS ghost tech whiz Chris Tanner explains his ghost hunting set-ups.
Ghost Setup Video 2
COPS Audio Setup Vid

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