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This month's real ghost videos were sent to Angels & Ghosts for all to study on our ghostly journey!

Each ghost video has its own page.  We post ghost videos of personal ghost encounters & and ghostly investigations each month.

We are using Flash format for quicker bigger videos wherever possible.

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Jan '08 Ghost Videos

Paranormal State Video

Check out the trailer video of a ghost hunt on the new TV show "Paranormal State."  Ryan and team members chase a shadow ghost down whom the family is afraid of and call "The Darkman." 

Mead Hall Ghost Video
Paranormal show called "Way Out There" walks with NJ ghost hunters team to see what they find.  A book just mysteriously appears.  How did it get there - a ghost?  Watch this to find out the sad answer and let it be a warning to those who do such things:

Mead Hall Ghost Video 2
Jan '08 Ghost Videos 

Infrared Orb Ghost Video video of a flashing orb filmed in a haunted house...

Voices Of The Dead
Video of a lady explaining how she hears ghosts via electrical appliances.

Ghost Contact Video?
Is this a ghost trying to communicate with them?

Shadow Ghosts Video
This ghost video is a must see as it appears to be a very good capture of shadow people moving back and forth across a room!  Truly amazing to watch! 
Jan '08 Ghost Videos

Vaynol Park Ghost Video

Haunting Breaks out of the UK investigates a location, communicating through table tipping.

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