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Searching and documenting
ghosts and the paranormal,
we have received several
ghost videos.  Watch this
month's ghost videos sent to
Angels & Ghosts.

We are using Flash format
for quicker bigger videos
wherever possible.

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March Ghost Videos

Haunted Doll Ghost Video
Video of a moving arm at
night.  Is this real or hoax?  
Take a peek...

West Virginia Ghost Video
Gabreael of Eastern
Paranormal received this
ghost video.  What is it?

WV Ghost Videos
View several ghost videos of
flying anomalies filmed in a

Haunted Mirror Ghost
Check out the balls of light
or orbs appearing and
floating in this ghost video...
March Ghost Videos

Infrared Ghost Video
See infrared video at night
with orbs appearing in and
out of the video frames.

Orbs At Seance Video
Psychic video of orbs
floating around a group
gathered at a table...
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