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Searching and documenting
ghosts and the paranormal,
we have received several
ghost videos.  Watch this
month's ghost videos sent to
Angels & Ghosts.

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wherever possible.

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Sep '07 Ghost Videos

Beyond TV Ghost Video
Ghost video of season
outtakes of the best evidence.

Halloween Ghost Film  
Ghost video (part 1)
of a radio program
with Dr. Michael Lynch.

Frank's Box Ghost Video
Ghost video showing
Christopher Moon
demonstrating the
telephone to the dead.
This is one video you
will want to watch.
Could it be true? Have
we entered a new day?
Sep '07 Ghost Videos

El Champal Ghost Video   
Do you see the ghost
apparition in this video?

Halloween Ghost Video
Michael Lynch video of
a ghost investigation
(part 2) with interviews.

Para-Vision Ghost Video
This neat ghost video
shows orbs in flight
by a different tech effect.

Haunted Heartland Video
Sherri Brake-Recco is
at the WV Pen in this video!
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