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Learn about "faux" ghosts on videos...explore the hoaxes. 

The following videos investigate the overwhelming appearance of ghosts on video.  Many ghost videos circulating the web are fakes.  How can one tell?

Certainly, not all ghosts on video are hoaxed, but we should examine "ghost evidence" more closely.  A big thanks to Patrick Doyle of!

We are using Flash format for quicker bigger videos wherever possible.Can't see the videos?  You may need Flash 10 or the latest FireFox browser.  It's free.

Ghosts on Video
Haunted Hoax Explains
Patrick Doyle explains the purpose behind his videos. Watch this video first to grasp the mission.

Hoax Ghost Pictures
Learn how some ghost photos on the web have been created.

Security Camera Ghosts
See how some ghosts on camera have been faked.

Ghostly Collar Pull
Patrick explores the ghost evidence from a well-known TV show.

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Ghosts on Video
Paranormal Questions
Part one of questions for ghost investigators to think about.

More Questions...
Part two of questions for the paranormal community. Some common ghost theories do not make sense.

More Ghostly Tricks
Haunted Hoax reveals how more of the faux ghost videos are produced.

False EVP Demo
Pat challenges certain ghost videos that have EVP questions and ghost replies.

Angels & Ghosts promotes spirituality, through exploring ghosts & spirits, but we also wish to educate.  As always with any evidence, you the viewer, decide for yourself...
Ghosts on Video
Flashlight Ghost Vid
Ghosts turning on flashlights? Maybe, but Patrick explains another way it can be done.

Haunted Doors Video
See how moving doors in ghost videos can be pranked.

Not All Orbs
Learn how some orbs in ghost photos & videos are simply not spirits.

Moving Objects Video
If a ghost won't move it, some sadly will make objects move for the camera.

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