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The following videos about ghosts deal with a range of subjects, from voices of ghosts to the stories of their haunting.

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Ghosts Videos
Ghost Rescue Video
Steve from Piedmont Paranormal does an incredible job helping ghosts cross over to the light using a ghost box.

Haunted House EVPs
Very nice UK ghost EVPs and spirit voices recorded using a ghost box.

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HPI Ghosts Videos
Haunted Stockton Video
Part one ghost investigation video by HPI & Paul Roberts.

Stockton House Video
Part two of the HPI Stockton house investigation video.

Haight Ashbury Ghosts
Paul Roberts video interviews people about ghosts.

Haunted Haight Ashbury
Part two of the the interviews about ghosts. A pleasurable video of ghostly experiences.
Poltergeist Videos
Osborne Ghost Video
Famous documentary of a notorious poltergeist type haunting with the movement of objects. Is it real?

Barnsley Ghost Video
Video of a man trying to capture ghostly activity within his home. Real or hoax? You decide.

Ghost Mist Video
Quick ghost video of a shadow ghost moving.

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