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from Tonya

I was ten years old at the time (I am now 20).  My grandfather was sick and dying
of cancer in his house and my mother was there to take care of him.  My grandpa
was more like my father.  I was calm through the whole thing, then the day came.
On January 25th at 11:45 he passed away.  The next day was my tenth birthday.  I
remember the phone ringing and my step-dad taking me over to grandpa's house.
I remember everyone crying and I didn't see my grandpa anywhere. Then I knew,
but I kept quiet and remember my step-dad laying me in my grandma's bedroom
to sleep.
The week after that we moved in a bedroom
apartment. My bed was placed in the front room,
in the same spot my grandpa died.  At night
lights would come on and then go off and things
moved in the kitchen.  One night I woke up, my
grandfather was standing at my bed.  He was
glowing blue, so I asked him if this was a dream,
and he said,"No," and smiled at me.  He told me
everything would be okay and work out.  He
kissed me goodbye and that was it.
I believe my grandfather is my angel. I always feel him with me...
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