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Healing Angels!
How can we tap into healing angels? What are healing angels?

For many years,
Angels & Ghosts been attempting to convey that angels do not have to be
something or someone found outside of humanity. The word angel means “messenger.” In a sense,
anyone who delivers a message to another is an angel. People with flesh bodies can be angels. Of
course, spirits can be angels. We should be aware of this, but let's explore angels from an
allegorical perspective.

I would like the reader to consider that our individual, higher consciousness is our permanent
connection to all life. This life energy is light. It is truth, peace and love. It is the essence that
connects all beings as one. This is our higher source that gives life, shares collective experiences,
and is at work to help us become free from fear, false thinking. It should be of no shock to learn that
enlightened spirits, angels, share messages through this connection in order to free the mind of
humanity. (Also read,
Angels & Higher Consciousness)

A new book entitled
Healing with the Angel Rays, by author Laura Lyn, teaches readers to connect
with the higher voice of consciousness. Laura has found that angels can represent different
frequencies of consciousness, healing rays of light that we can tap into on our own:

“You are never alone. Your awareness will open to high frequencies of light that are profoundly
healing. Angels communicate with us in magical ways.”

Healing angels are something author Laura Lyn feels passionately about. After all, she is known as
a gifted
angel reader:

“Do you believe that an idea is so powerful that it can create its own consciousness? It is amazing
when you wrap your mind around this concept. Everything you see, hear, feel, and touch is a
sense. Your awareness of this sense opens your world to phenomenal potentials that can be
tapped into by simply asking and believing.”

Laura knows that her concept of angels is different from most:

“It has come to my realization, through work with these beings, that consciousness on focused,
organized direction manifested these beings.”

Laura Lyn's story, about discovering healing angels, began when she was a little child. This is when
she caught a glimpse of her first angel, glowing from the corner of her bedroom. Soon after, she was
repeatedly in communication with angels and their healing presence. Laura calls the healing angel
rays of light, “Angel Rays.”

For more about the healing angels Laura Lyn has discovered and her book, visit:
Angel Ray Healing
Laura Lyn is a gifted psychic-medium, author and angel
reader from Akron, Ohio area.

You may learn more about Laura Lyn and her work at:
Ghost Pictures - Psychic Reading
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