How's my teen
driving bumper
teen driving
teen driving
teen driving bumper sticker
Have you ever wondered, "How's my teen
driving?  How's my kid driving?
"  Well now
you will know just how your teen is driving with our
bumper stickers that ask, "
How's my teen's
"  Simply write in your phone number
with a permanent marker so witnesses can report  
reckless driving by your teen!  It's that easy.

If your teen is driving poorly, you'll want to know
about it!  On an average day, ten teens are killed
in teen-driven cars.  Our bumper sticker is a great
deterrent against speeding, as most teens will
naturally want to drive safely when they know they
could be caught if driving recklessly.
My Teen's Driving
Use a permanent marker to write in your cell or home phone
number and place the teen driving bumper sticker on the back of
the car your teen is driving.
how's my teen driving bumper sticker
teen driving
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