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by kayla
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I'm an 11 year old girl that wants to tell people that ghosts and angels really do exist.  I
understand if you don't have time to read this.

Well when I a one year old, my great grandma died (wela chela).  Before she died, she
wanted to see me, but it was too late.  When I got there, her last words were, "I want to see
Mija (me)." And then she passed away.

Around a week later, many strange things happened to me.  For one, I use to see my wela
chela float around just watching what everyone was doing.  Of course I thought everyone else
saw her, too.  I was too young to know.  Then when I went to sleep, I woke up in the middle of
the night, and there she was sleeping next to me - sound asleep.  I told my grandma, but she
didn't believe me.

Then it came to a day when I saw my grandma talking to her, and my grandpa couldn't believe
this; and they were chattering away.  Then she told me she wanted to take me with her...that
Jesus said her time was up in this world.  I was around two years old, and could speak clearly
(yes, she stuck around a whole year).  So I told my grandma, and my grandma asked her why
she said this...because she needed me to be happy.  So I fell asleep that night, and I felt as if
someone was picking me up.  I screamed to my grandma, and she awoke seeing that my
great grandma was taking me in her arms.  She left crying.  I still remember, and every now
and then I see my good old wela chela watching over everybody.

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