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Our Angel Story of the Month for June 2007!
from Kim

I thought I would share my angel story with you. After I read the story on here about
the mother hearing someone talking on her baby's monitor, I thought this might just
be the place for my story!
When I was probably six years old, my brother
and I slept in bunk beds in  a room that everyone
had to walk through to go to the rest room.  Ever
since I can remember, I have always seen
ghosts.  Later on in life, I found out my brother has
always seen them as well.  My fear of sleeping in
the dark stemmed from the time living in that
house.  I would wake to find people walking
through our bedroom toward the bathroom and
vanish into thin air!
So after telling my parents about it (and them not having an answer for  these
events), I started sleeping with the bathroom light on and in the same bed as my

One night we were in the top bunk sleeping sideways on the bed.  My brother was
laying on my left side.  I woke up for some reason and I saw a little girl with dark
brown hair tied back in a bun, knelt down on my right side and praying; and I could
even hear the loud whisper of her words.  I looked over at my brother and there
was a little boy with reddish brown hair knelt down on the left side of him.  They
both were wearing plain white gowns.  They looked like real people! The little girl
looked up and gasped when she noticed I was awake, and they both vanished
into thin air!
After thirty years, I still haven't forgotten anything about the way
they looked, or the expression on her face when she saw me
looking at her!  My Grandma's explanation was that they were
our guardian angels.  

I think it is very comforting knowing that I do have someone
watching over me.
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