Miracle Upon Miracle               Back to Angel Stories

by P. Schroeder

Friday night, at 11:30, I lit a prayer candle and prayed to the spirit world.  I
asked a beloved, dead, baby-nurse of my children, a loving black woman
who loved my babies years ago, while I was at work and who succumbed
to breast cancer some fifteen years ago, to help me; I fervently pleaded
with Easter Lily Fryer, a life-long devout christian, to send me Jesus, the
Christ...reminding her that she had known about Christ all her life as a
christian.  I had only recently accepted his spiritual possibility, on faith, only
in recent years, by virtue of the power of his name to dispel unseen evil
ones; thats another story.  That Sunday afternoon was Easter, and as the
sun set,ias baffled light through the maple trees in the late afternoon, a
song rang in my head.  Leaving my house through the back door, I felt
strangely compelled to sit on my front steps; something I never do.  That
odd song I at first couldn't place, echoed in my mind.  A christmas tune?   
A christmas song in April?  Four or five feet up in the air, above the front
garden, suddenly appeared an undeniable figure of a man in dazzling light.
It was that christmas carol song, "O, Come, All Ye Faithful," repeating over
in my mind.  A man's figure floating in light?  I couldn't shake it, over and
over in my mind, and dully aware that it might mean something psychically.
I frowned into the light puzzled; and  was washed by a tidal wave of
encompassing warmth, love and peace...and serenity overwhelmed me -
accompanying this song-radiating bliss from this figure of light.  Later, I
recalled my previous special request; remembered that it was, indeed,
Easter Sunday, and that I had asked Easter Lily Fryer to assist me...and I
had heard the song about Christ, and seen the figure of light; and felt a
bliss and rapture.  What I observed, I realized later, was the Christ-light.
Since then, I care little for any didactic about Jesus the man, and hum that
song when I need reminding of the miracle sighting I apparently had.

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