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by Devin
My name is Devin.  I am 14 years old, and here are some stories that really happened.

Two years ago in 2003, my family received a baby Rottweiler.  We named him Maximus.   
Well months passed, and Maxi grew sick.   One day we noticed a bump on the side of his
stomach, and we took him to the vet and they said that he had a tumor in his stomach about
the size of a football.  December 23, 2004 we put Maxi down...he was dead and we had him
cremated (one day the vet called and told us that they accidentally mixed his ashes with
another dog's).  The day after Christmas I was sitting outside and I heard panting right next
to me.  I felt comforted; then I was walking back to my house and I heard the sound of dog
footsteps, and I cried.

Here is another story about my dog.  When my dog passed away, we received his sister
named, Sashie.  (we already had Maxi's buddy named, "Sebastian" - he is a German
Shepherd).   One night I was laying on my bed with Sashie and my cat Alice and I heard a
noise.  I saw my door opening only three inches (Maxi, when he was still alive, use to push
my door open to would check on me).

One more story...I just finished letting my dogs in from the backyard and we have a sliding
glass door.  I was sitting on the couch and I saw a dark figure of a dog.  I saw a dark leg and
a head with the chest; I saw everything besides the back legs because the door wasn't big
enough to see the whole body...and I saw a "little light" for the eye.  I blinked and looked at
something else; then I looked back at the door...but the figure was still there.  And then I
turned my head for a second time, then I looked again; and the figure was gone.

That's the end of the story about my beloved dog.  The sad thing is that he died at the age of
one.  I will always love and remember him forever.  I love you Maximus -- you were more than
just a pet; you were a part of the family...a close friend.
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