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Part Two:

You may be wondering why I am called "6wings?" This is from my NDE. Traveling through the 'tunnel' of
light at incredible speed...there were two beings on each side of me...they told me telepathically they were
angels...we began to slow down and I could see a portal or doorway ahead...I remember thinking that it
was similar to a landing pad. I began taking in what I could at this slower pace. I saw that the tunnel of light
were actually angels 'standing' side by side...on both sides of us...each possessing six wings! Two placed
as we are traditionally taught...however much larger and magnificent...these touched the same wings of the
angel on either side of them...they each had another set coming off their upper backs...these extended up
and over...touching the same wings of the angel opposite them...forming a half circle 'roof'. Then each had
2 more coming from their ankles...these formed the other half circle...the 'floor' of the tunnel. This is an
interesting sidenote...I understood that only the Light gave them any form. Similar to air giving a balloon
form. Later I was shown the fall of Lucifer...the best example is a fully blown balloon (untied) and
released...chaotic with no direction just as a balloon would be. These angels forming the tunnel were
sculpted in a human form...instead of marble or granite they would be described as light bulbs! I looked
beyond them and saw this darkness...deep and blacker than black...I was getting terrified...I understood
this as 'outer darkness'...there were places and levels there also. It was not Hell...but that's another topic. I
then saw Jesus at the portal opening...he was expecting me...there was no doubt of that. He is 1000 times
more loving than anything this realm can perceive...I even hesitate that I should place a limit on this love.
Some would ask how I knew this was Jesus...Because I KNEW him...I knew I had known him before. It
was like dearly beloved old friends too long apart. He reached out not able to wait for my actual landing,
and pulled me into his arms. Instantly...or the veil is pulled down on memory concerning anything that took
place in my memory, I felt as though I tumbled into what would be described as 'as the
throne room'. Perhaps this was another level and in traveling there, I didn't slow up to land. But I was
crumpled on the floor wondering why this didn't hurt. This was as a soft cushion yet at the same
time without any give. It appeared to be pure gold...combined with techniques that are yet to be discovered
in this realm. It was blown (glass) gold. I looked around me and it was then I realized I must have died. This
was written by John. Yet, we cannot perceive its truth. There is little reference for us here to understand
what John truthfully described. There was a throne before me...there were holy beings lined up and in rows
on each side. Hundreds. There was a shift in the atmosphere...a holy music telepathically came from
these beings...and I heard telepathically many voices saying, "HE'S HERE...HE'S COMING IN." At the
same time...these beings in a human form and beautifully colored and arrayed began 'sprouting' wings. I
must define sprouting. These wings are retractable! Years later I was to see here in this realm some of the
fantasy movies' armour, "form and retract" exactly how these wings did also. Each being has three sets of
wings. This was just awesome to me! I understood also that all things do proceed from above. I believe that
one day this concept will not be a fantasy...of which I had no reference to on earth even in fantasy form for
years thereafter. Yet the fantasy was birthed here from 'above'. I also understand why some people believe
that angels do not have wings at all...or with only two...Ezekiel saw 4--two sets of wings on the cherubs.

The next event was that I looked up and saw the Father...wrathful (as in my prior post) ? I'm referring to my
belief prior to my meeting him...this due to fear-based religion. Jesus, I had perceived as love, but the
Father as this wrathful, angry, punishing God that only Jesus could if they had cut a
dysfunctional 'deal'. As I look back on this belief it truly seems to me that the fear in religion is so occultic...
like the sacrifice (Jesus) to appease the god(s). I should have been more clear in my prior post. I was
terrified...this was my belief living this earth it was there also for me. In speed that cannot be
described, I was taken through what some refer to as a 'life review' ...I felt everything I had ever done to
another and myself...from the least act to the greatest. This terrified me even more...I was literally groveling
on the floor before the Father...and this did not set well with Him at all...Whoa!  And, what I felt from Him I
perceived as...that Hell was just around the corner. What I felt was Righteous Anger...oh yes, but there is
no reference for this on earth. Man's anger has no part whatsoever in what is true Righteous Anger.
But...what I felt from Him was about this...He said Why is she groveling??? (and this to everyone in the
room) I peeked through my hands and I knew He was telepathically speaking with Jesus. I must add that
when He asked this question...His voice was like was booming and resonated through
kept echoing outward through the universe. My word does not go out void. He then spoke to me so
tenderly...Don't you know that my children do not grovel before me? Stand up. Now come to me. He took
me in his arms and upon His lap like a father with their child...He spoke to me about fearing Him...there
was nothing to fear of or in Him. There is no punishment in or of Him. This is from man alone. "They are
lying about me, He said." Man punishes themselves...and others. I could not possibly write here of every
knowing that was placed in me by Him. Does this sound egotistical? It would to me. I must clarify once
again that I only received a drop of knowledge out of the oceans of the world in comparison to what is
contained in the Father. This full realization was known to me at that time. This 'program' was what I
needed first...and that yet would have to be integrated fully into my system when I returned...there were
still those shadows I must heal with Spirit and the Truth...and the help of those who made agreements with
me before this lifetime began. "WE speak that WE do KNOW and testify that WE have seen and ye
receive not our witness"..John 3:11...."And NO man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down
from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven"...John 3:13. This scripture is evidence of
pre-existance. Why do I have a feeling that some of you also know this already?!! It was another burning
question?! I remember questioning this scripture to those in the church long ago. This was met with
irritation. Or, I would receive a great deal of theological distractive jargon...which in fact had no reference to
the question...the answers I received were nonsensical.

The Orb...this was light proceeding from within the Father. It wasn't a perfect circle. It was flowing and
bursting forth from Him at the same time. There were rays and also small orbs or balls of light breaking off
of the whole. Oh yes! These smaller orbs breaking off the whole had various reasons for doing so. Some
were returning to this realm (and I understood...other realms) as 'ghosts'...I would say in this
context...some come to help those who are wandering on this plane...they don't know they are
dead...or...they are terrified of moving on because they believe they will go to Hell. Some are
ancestors...even to these dark entities...some ancestors or friends to those alive here. Some are about to
enter a fetus...and begin their incarnation here.

The levels are Infinite! There is no arrival destination other than the light! I know I am inadequate in defining
this. We desire home...the whole of the light...but once in this light...there are absolutely magnificent
worlds or levels of further destinations 'deep unto deep' into the light. This would describe I AM!!! There is
one Major difference: the oppression that is in this earth realm, including the body, is not within the light
and these levels of light worlds. There is also a 'prison'...those that have learning, not punishment, to evolve
their fearful beliefs into the understanding of the love of God. This may take more than one level to learn
through before they go on to the Father. My husband experienced this on his I did on another
level. I will add though, Jesus was in this place he went to...he was there for him. The great teacher! As he
was for all in these levels. There is no Hell that religion declares to control the people by fear! When I
heard, "HE'S HERE...HE'S COMING"...I was to understand in the Father's arms that He came to me from
at that moment from a much deeper the level I was only able to reach. His love is that great. He
resides within and moves throughout these levels of the whole of his light.

Perhaps what Jesus meant when he said to me, "All scripture is true" just that!  As in Abraham was
God's chosen man at that time to bring a nation forth...but the guy still pimped his wife out twice. Sorry for
the brash truth...but that's what he did out of fear. I also believe that (the apostle) Paul had an NDE. From
that I know that one does not understand all they have seen & heard. I have to say there is a handicap in
knowing through a NDE...that is the integration of this into our body system. One who receives knowing
while in their body is in fact at an incredible advantage. I did see as face to face...that is remarkable. But it
also presents an incredible burden. It is not unheard of to take many years to integrate all one has seen &
heard on the other side. One who receives on this side...the knowing...well I know what that's like also. It
permeates through one's entire system. What I have experienced in my past and still do when more
integration is flowing...could be likened to a paralysis. One knows how to walk...but one cannot bring it
forth. "Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and
yet believed." I intimately understand this truth. Although I am grateful beyond words for my NDE I also
understand the burden. I was even instructed how to fast a particular way for one that being in
my body once again would be more tolerable. Also...I understood this is due to the flesh DNA. This is
another reason we here are having difficulty in attaining what we know to be true. Science has proven just
how much information is passed on through DNA. This is evolving from us. The Dark Ages were particularly
damaging....and this takes time to purge from our DNA. Just that alone! I also experienced
misunderstanding of what I heard! Yet the path is narrow...these misunderstandings did not fit. I also
believe Paul experienced a martyr victim persona...I believe due to guilt for his vengeful persecutions upon
the early church. He evolves from quite a bit of abuse upon himself to 'miraculously' skating out of stonings,
and beatings. This guilt would also filter through his understanding of what he hears within or from his NDE.
Also I see a gradual change in Paul's writings over time. He seems to begin the integration...the theme of
"Hell fire" seems to be purging out of him a little. I think the mistake is made in believing Paul could
possibly be "All Knowing" by religion...

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