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Part Three:

Angels? I can't begin to describe to you what I saw in that 'throne room'...there were 'creatures'...the most
beautiful creatures imaginable. I just looked up John's Revelations...Chap.4:7. This is John's
description...and see Chap 5:11. There are probably more...I haven't studied Revelation since I had my
NDE!? I Knew from that time on, that I didn't need to worrry about it anymore. I Knew the truth about myself
and why I really studied this particular book. Worry...or rather fear...and somehow I believed in studying
them I could control what was pre-ordained for me to go through or not?! My interest is sparking me to
begin studying it again for different reasons now! These 'creatures' John calls beasts...that strikes our
modern minds as with a monstrous appearance...but, they are truly beautiful. I Knew at the time they had
abilities that the 'angels' did not have. I knew that there were many more creatures...Rev. 5:11 gives some
agreement to this. The angels with the six wings in the 'throne room' were different than the ones who had
six wings and lit the tunnel. They were more solid..not so much as an appearance of a 'light bulb' form.
They had exquisite coloring and garments. I also understood that as on earth there are so many wonderful
creatures...why shouldn't there also be on the other side?! Jesus even spoke to my amazement at this...he
said there were actually unicorns on earth and are now extinct, because the horns were believed by men to
possess magical powers. The myths surrounding them are just that. (Rhinos are facing this same thing
today for their horns!) I knew & understood that 'mankind' could act 'as angels' also. I truly believe that
many encounters we have with what we believe are traditional angels are actually those from the other
side...and not limited to direct 'relatives' to a person. I truly believe 'the elders' ( who I also saw and who
Jesus was standing with in 'the throne room'...I heard 'the Masters' and 'the Ancient Ones' in terming who
they were) visit us at those major moments of spiritual awakenings throughout our lives. I believe the
angels who visit us on earth are also messengers. There were also cherubims. Like the beasts or
creatures, I could not describe these to you. Even re-reading John's account of the beasts...I have no
memory recall other than...they were exquisitely colored and magnificent. No bird on earth is arrayed like
these! I've been asked to describe Jesus...what color is his hair?? Well, like his eyes...the color of love.
That's exactly why I can't describe him physically! Just about all of us have been there...In Love...Ah!...So
completely in love we didn't even notice a flaw...those minor physical flaws that all of us
beloved was perfect...

As to the resurrection and people would be "as the angels???" I think that's loaded! As I believe many
many scriptures may mean something and then again something else...but...without denying the former.
I'm going to speak plainly here so it is my hope that I do not offend anyone. This was stated by Jesus
when questioned about marriage unions continuing in the afterlife. With the similar belief as Joseph
Smith...conceiving and birthing on the other side. As the angels...I believe this to be somewhat
metaphorical. The angels don't copulate. They are one in themselves. I believe our true state is
male/female. This really blew me away upon meeting the Father in the throne room...after first knowing that
I had nothing to fear in or of 'Him'...It was completely clear to me that He was male/female in one. I could
not speak this to anyone for a very long time. Not that I doubted it...I didn't want to start a war! Now I can
say it and take the arrows if they fly. When I understood this, it was so right. Maybe because I'm a
woman...but to be known by God as not another PET...that's how a lot of men view women...and use God
to back them up. This elevated what I knew of myself and where I belonged, in a deeply core sense. I
believe men need this just as understand that Male/Female. In years to follow...when faced with
hard issues and I'd ask for help...I would so often receive...'What would a man do?' This taken into balance
with my female...brought the answers to do and solve whatever seemed insurmountable. However in this
realm it can become a balancing act! In fulfilling this oneness there would be no physical pull for oneness,
sexually. Isn't it even interesting how a couple who one or both don't mature into a heart loving union
carries on with the hunt through others? This physical acting out of our core need for our original state of
oneness. I realize that the thought of sex not being in the afterlife is extremely disheartening to many. I can
say forth right that with every level of encounter on the other side, the fulfillment upon and in you is beyond,
and without measure, any encounter experienced on earth. Although you are who you are when you arrive
on the other side, the filling is continuous...and that balance of male/female is part of this. I'll put it this
way...the desire is simply and continuously the angels are also filled. Now, I am going to say
that I didn't enter all the levels...and there is a possibility that there is a different situation going on! But
somehow I tend to think we won't be craving the flesh there, or in any need of the opposite sex! We'll
already be both. This is most harsh when having to return to this realm...I know some NDErs who have a
difficult time craving that oneness when they enter back into their sexualized state...some go off the deep
end with this for awhile. The body itself is difficult to could be a stick and feel weighted down
and constricted. It has been years...I've not gotten over it...every a.m. I have to accept being in this body
and search my truth for gratitude for this. There is experiencing being one with the Whole...and then to find
much rejection of that in this realm. Then you must deal with self-condemnation...after all, you spoke to
God and face to know...and yet you find yourself not Being. Many NDErs speak of how much
those on the other side greatly honor those of us who enter this realm...I understood that also from those
on the other side. I without a doubt knew just why, soon after re-entering this realm. I'm saying this
because...we get all kinds of help here...all the time...they know we need it here! Regardless of their
differences or stations on the other side, each one is for us, for a purpose that they can guide or govern
and that for the greater purpose! Jesus is omnipresent...

Now I'm going to throw out a real monkey wrench!!! When my daughter was very young she would talk
about spiritual things that would blow an adult's mind! How did she even know this stuff? She would rather
sit with adults and enter into a mature conversation with them...especially about spirit. She would often
stretch and then say, 'my wings feel better' first I thought not much of it...the imagination of a
child...but she continued...she didn't outgrow this phase. I finally asked her if she didn't think she was
getting a little old to me, believing she had wings? She looked me square in the eyes and said...'what are
you talking about?...I have wings. Don't you know anyone can have wings?' Now, I didn't accept this and I
can't say I do now. It is one of those on the shelf things for me. Let me say this...we are talking here about
a child who informed us that Santa did not exist the moment she could speak clearly...she knew...and she
also knew that it was important to others and she would not disappoint them...but she wanted us to know
that she knew better; and please stop acting like this with her. I actually considered taking this child to a
psychologist! But she stopped saying anything about it. Oh...about 3 months ago I brought up to her how
she use to talk about stretching her wings. She just laughed...and I was relieved. Then she says...'one day
we all find out things that we thought were true to be untrue and things that are untrue to be true'...and she
smiled at me. I said...'you still believe you have wings?'  She said, 'No mama...I know I do, and it's OK that
you don't believe me'....'But you'd feel better if you did...because you'd stretch them and wouldn't feel so
cramped in your body'...'I would say that in front of you because I was trying to help...I know you've never
gotten use to your earth clothes...and it does help to allow your full spirit to stretch and soar
sometimes'...'Didn't it free you up when you departed your body for the time you did?' So...the school
counselor calls me...would like us to come in and speak with him concerning our daughter. Long
story...shortened...he's a psychologist...I'm thinking...oh, no! He became a school up his
practice...after his son was about school age. This counselor conceived the same type of child! Who
informed his father (who was an atheist) by the time he could speak clearly, that he remembers his
conversations with God! The man has been on a Spirit Path since! He tells a psychologist I find
nothing but health in your daughter. As a spiritual man...I wouldn't doubt anything she'd tell me! I would like
your permission if she could speak at one of our group meetings dealing with the kids that seem to be
coming in more and more like these kids!? I've noticed your daughter for some time...a couple of the kids,
including my son, recognized her. Some monkey wrench?! Maybe we are all to progress into angels!!
Maybe we all may have six wings one day! Or, maybe it is part of our original state...

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