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Part Five:

I felt I should express these thoughts...given what I have written you. Thoughts being powerful....blatant
scapegoating and subtle scapegoating...the levels on the otherside...levels on earth also. On the other
side, the boundaries established by God are immovable without love and one elevates, or evolves,
until ready for the next level and the population is in 'agreements' on each level. Only the Masters are
evolved enough to enter into these lower levels and be also to absorb any 'darkness' that would enter into
their light. Some may enter but would require a 'washing'. On earth...we do not have these boundaries
firmly established segregating the levels within our population. If we are not evolved enough, these thoughts
projected whether known (by the act of voicing/or physically acted out) or unknown penetrate us...wounds.
Because of our oneness. Where most of us deal with the known...the subtle unknown thoughts projected
toward us...can be felt...but more than not, mistakenly, that it is ourselves as the source...empty 'works',
leaving self-condemnation, won't be fulfilled. It would be the same as one believing themselves to be sloppy
when in fact another has slung mud on your back. It can breed a 'running in circles' belief system. 'Deliver
us from evil' example of washing this overflow from others off ourselves. Of course, this is separate
from our own undoings, but it can make our undoings much more difficult. This is why having had an NDE
and after having been in that experience only in the population of pure is so much more difficult
than to receive in this realm. I must add that we exist here with those in the lowest of levels on the other
side. It's much like being "de-religioned," and having to stay in those boundaries most of your existence
here and daily (I use this only metaphorically). We also believe that this is part of why healing is not
always obtained in this earth realm. Simply put...contamination! Which the levels on the other side have
boundaries firmly placed. Upon returning from this Love...healing is usually brought back on a large scale.
My husband only had a few stitches above his eye and an eye-patch for a couple of days...suffered a slight
concussion!???? None of the medical staff could believe this with the impact he took. Both of us received
healing so thoroughly that our appearances were much more younger...years younger. Not at all
uncommon with other NDErs. We too haven't fully figured out why we can't maintain healing and what of
obvious regenerated youth? We know, of course, this is first and foremost, our need for evolving in the love
of God...and undoing ourselves. But we believe the above has responsibility to the differences on
segregation. We even have discussed how this 'segregation' which is appropriate on the other side could
have been heard in part and known to be true...but the part was not enough...and segregation in its worst
forms took on a permission & will from God himself, in this world. NDE occurred after months of praying to understand what God's love really was! Religion's
contradictions didn't add up about this love of the Father. Months...nearly a year and I wouldn't give up, but
grew more & more earnest with it. The Vortexes...Job...the whirlwind?...we know, but without full
understanding, that these vortexes, which is part also of the tunnel...much like a tornado...sucking you
through but at speeds beyond comprehension, has a lot to do with purifying...healing would be part of this.
Job was healed.

We are all one...yet each one of us are so different...the snowfall and the snowflake. I was shown this to
emphasize more so the 'lilies of the fields' if God would value the intricate diversity within every single much more valuable are we are as individuals. I needed this lesson...religion was tearing
away at my value before God, and as a result myself. I'll go so far as to say...He told me he needed us (yet
He doesn't-paradox again) as much as we need Him. Yep. We are from Him. This further convincing me of
Him not desiring any should perish. God will have what He desires! If He can't...our desires are dust! I the Father's arms...I felt it...not just His love...but the reaction from Him...when I loved Him in
return! Abba...PaPa. That this great God...I AM...would even want to be a Father...and know us before we.
I also believe in pre-ordained, chosen, and free will choice, and those all working together...and quite
poetically and harmoniously. No contradiction. I will write of this further later.

And those traveling downward to enlighten others? Yes. Yes. I will go so far to say I believe in
reincarnation. I saw many masters agreeing to come back here to be born in the flesh...this is multiplying
in this time now...I would agree that it is the time for spiritual truth and liberation. Also, because we carry
everything we are into the levels...and we are given the opportunity to undo...yet, we remember. I can
remember, although forgiven, and repented, and delivered from, the worst sin I ever commited...although I
am not haunted about this...just remembering gives me the "creepy-crawlys."  This is also the state in the
upper levels. I was shown Elijah and also John the Baptist by Jesus (taken to these realities in the past). I
had asked him about the Baptist...and Jesus saying this was Elijah. Elijah fled, in fear, from Ahab's
wife...Jezebel. Elijah would forever be able to recall this, although forgiven. We there, in a proper time, are
giving the opportunity to make things right, if not done so on earth. The liberation of this is eternal.
Zaccheus...was shown to me also concerning this...making things right...restoring in multiples. John did
not run from 'Jezebel'. He completely faced her and her passive husband...knowing that he must decrease.
The crown on this is a paradox...horrid to us that his head was served on a platter in the court...but John,
Elijah, was redeemed in another court...he had an eternal memory overshadowing the one he for so many
years and possibly, eternity. Would not the loving Father find this good? I certainly don't believe we come
back as an ant. But for very specific eternal needs and blessings. Only through the co-existence of the
levels here on earth could this be an opportunity for us to make right, things for our blessing of eternal
existence. So this co-existence is profitable for many reasons. Without a doubt the masters come, in
spiritual form also. Elijah and Jesus. Once, when my husband and I, and our daughter was in
prayer together...we knew, all three of us, that Jesus and a handful of the masters were present. We did
not see them, but we knew...all of us knew. There followed, a major awakening of memories from the other
side and liberation for us...concerning many things. My daughter has even known her 'angels'
name..Michael...and she says she has known him for centuries...a trusted who if he makes a
vow to another will give his life before breaking that vow. Perhaps the reincarnation topic is too much... I
would very much understand...had I not seen this shown to me...I would not be able to accept it...I have
come to understand this as being another way of the Father's great love toward us.

Tongues (spiritual prayer language)? I received tongues alone with first awakening...I didn't even
know what tongues were! Some of my family members took me to their pastor to explain that I had been
possessed of a devil! It did not phase me. I went into a 'full gospel-spirit filled' congregation. I sensed that
the laying on of hands by a man was not a particularly good idea...sometimes could be dissasterous. I
probably would not use my prayer language today if I had not received this from Jesus. I saw him in my
living room...was 'slain in the spirit' (not knowing what that was either) when I came up to my feet (rather
the sofa)...I was speaking in tongues.  I should have known better...I did not need any religion, that was
made clear in this beginning.

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