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Part Six:

Jesus took me to this great room filled with the masses...As Jesus and I stood there, as if we were spirits
looking through the veil...Jesus was also on that other side of the veil with these masses (this could lead
some to believe he is omnipresent, rather virtual reality, in its perfect form!).  Everyone in the room knew he
was about to honor someone in this room...I saw at the front of these masses many preachers &
evangelists, all being very pleased with the 'work' that they had done on earth for God. Jesus walked right
past them their shock. He wandered through the crowds way to the back...there he stopped by an
old woman. You could hear the buzz...what's he doing...who is this woman?  No one knew who she
was...the woman herself was suddenly understanding that he was by her and not someone close to her.
She said...'Oh surely not me Lord?...He placed his hand on her shoulder, and said...'You did exactly what I
told you to did not do what man told you...or, what you thought you 'should' do...but you did the
very works that you were on Earth to do...nothing more...which would crowd out what you were here to
do...these works had great effect as a result...without them many other planned works would be jammed'.

I'm not saying that this actual event takes place on the other side...this was a learning tool for the
parables. I can forego the public honoring, that without a doubt. My sole desire is to do only what I am here
to do...and that by love. If it is only one be it...the least is the greatest. This 'greatest' is not
always publicly known...but...very much the simplicity of doing what seems to man to be the least...yet
one is greatly fulfilled by fulfilling this perfect plan that the Father has pre-ordained for us. Small acts...if led
from obedience to God...are involved in a ripple effect...again..."my word does not go out void." This would
not exempt great scaled works either...but all are as nothing, if man-made in any shape or form. Love is
central to this all. We all must learn to be 'abased' and also to 'abound'...perhaps I am also stuck on the
small things...and I must allow my vision to broaden

I was 20 years old and it was Christmas Eve. My first husband came in late and very drunk...we were
expected at a family gathering hours before. We lived in a flat, or what would be considered a loft
today...the primary room was large. While I was in & out loading the car, this man was ranting and
raving...when I came in for the last articles & then to go...he said he wasn't going...when I told him it was
his choice...but I was going...he slapped me across the face. I told him not to ever hit me the
same time I put my hand on his chest...he was closing in...and I pushed? - too strong...nudge would be
more should not have moved him in the least...even being drunk maybe back a step if at all.
But that's not what took place. This man flew like he had been hit by a destruction ball on a chain...hit the
hardwood floor and slid a good 25 to 30 feet? What stopped him was a large piece of furniture...yet he slid
into it with a strong jolt? Needless to say the man was stunned and sobered and never hit me again. He
was also very sheepish of me for a long time. I was stunned also...I was sober...and I could not understand
how this could happen...even if I tried to wallop him wouldn't produce this? From that time on I was
always cautious of myself wondering if I knew my own strength or not? None of it made sense to me.
Well...30 years later (I'm giving my age away! HA!) I'm with some lady friends at a luncheon. One of the
women there with us was introduced as having the ability to communicate with the other side. She turned
to me and said...'you have known that your father has been with you when you were sensed
this...then you missed him...for many years...then you know he is with you sense this.'
(TRUE...and this without me offering any information father had passed on when I was
16yrs old) She continues...'you've wondered why you missed him...he disobeyed...he crossed a line out of
love for you...but...he did not act out of higher love...he shows me now a man that he threw across a
room...I see him landing on the floor violently...he says he did this for you...out of love for you...but...he
was not supposed to intervene as he was not divine intervention...when you missed him...he knew
he had to stay back for a time and allow what was to be.' This was one mind-blowing thing to one there knew this happened these many years ago. I, also throughout her speaking, allowed
her to speak...but gave her no suggestions or spoke. Knowing my father...this would be difficult for him to
accept...and not do anything. What follows is this...I was telling some of my family about all this. We were
discussing whether or not this could have been my father? A book that is wedged between other books in a
bookcase 'falls out' onto the floor...everyone in the room jumped. I went over to the book and it was a
collection of Kipling...interesting my father use to read these to me as a child. We went on discussing the
probability of this and could it really be my father? A picture falls over on a table that no one in the room is
even near to jar that is a black & white of my father as a young man! There is belief and unbelief
discussed in this room at this point. My daughter had placed a movie video earlier on the VCR. This movie
falls on the floor. The name of the movie is Picture Perfect?!? I had no doubts at that point. It was too
obvious. That has been two years and although at odd times I do sense someone else present..and a most
loving & recognized presence...nothing but nothing odd or unexplainable has occurred since...

so...I've had thoughts about this. If my father could cross a line as he did...couldn't others? I'm still baffled
about him being violent? And that after having passed over. If he had been present physically in this realm,
no doubt about it, my dad would do this to any man who struck anyone out of complete nonsense and
anger. However...I have since opened my ears to hearing about haunted houses and interventions. Some
will advise to leave because it could get dangerous. So I'm also wondering if this could be possible if say
we would hurt or offend another deeply...could someone to them, as my father was to me, out of a love and
protection, say, cross a line also...maybe there is a time we have felt an angry fear-giving
presence...perhaps we even thought it was a demon...could it be possible that it is a visitation from an
upset relation to someone we have offended? Them wanting us to be warned somehow? What does bother
me about the entire thing is that it leaves that opening for them to physically harm. Or is this then also
intervened? Perhaps my father would have done more...again knowing him and believe it, or not, he was
gentle and loving; I only saw the man upset but three times in 16 years over anything...but he would
unleash if someone was being physically abused. He had zip tolerance for it. So this strong belief and
feelings could be carried over...and he had yet to fully undo this in himself?

I do believe that messages can be just as crazy and deceptive from these entities as well as on earth. I
believed this to be the case when I kept hearing it was time to leave religion...just walk away. This war with
'myself' continued for some time! My argument was that my daughter was prospering...I had no idea...not
for sometime...that my daughter was also going through her 'inquisition'...she was born independent and
she believed she could & would get through this difficult time...but it only got worse...I was pretty shocked
to realize that the timing synchronized with the onset of my own 'battle'. Within 24 hours after her coming
to me with what she was being put through...we were out. As I look back...I even had so many signs right
after my NDE!!  But I was processing so much and I was desiring the Whole so much, I sacrificed those,
blatant, as I see them now, signs.

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