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My mother had four near death experiences spreading over 20 years during four periods of major surgery.  
The first time she described going towards a white light: she said it was like walking in the warm sun
shine after being in the freezing cold.  She described walking towards a doorway where the light shone,
and as she was about to step through the doorway she saw some of her deceased relatives - including my
father.  On her first and second journey, she saw my father, but he put his hand up and told her to go
back, as I still needed her.  I was only 12 and 21 years old at the time.  Her last two visits were within two
weeks of each other, when she had major surgery.  The third time she said my father tried to stop her, but
she was determined to keep going until a voice told her it was not time.  On the last journey, she didn’t
have to push past my father; she kept on going and described the feeling of such happiness and joy.  She
heard a voice say, "You are welcome to come in, but your time is not yet."  She described trying and
trying to get closer to the light, but then she heard my voice (I was not present and didn’t even know she
had passed over).  She said as much as she tried to ignore it, she couldn’t; as soon as she turned her
head slightly, everything had vanished.

She finally passed over in August last year.  Twelve hours before she passed, she was in terrible agony,
screaming and moaning.  She had blood poisoning caused by golden staph.  In desperation, I called her
minister to see if he could say something that would calm her down.   I had told her that if she wished to
pass she could, but when our minister said that I was happy to let her pass, she stopped moaning and fell
into a deep sleep.  I was called back to the hospital in the early hours of the morning, as her breathing
had become laboured.  I sat with her and talked about what a wonderful mum she had been; how lucky I
was to have had her as a mother.  At 4am, she opened her eyes and looked at me for several seconds;
and then fell into a peaceful sleep.  At 6am, I decided to go home for a while to the kids.  The nurse said it
would be days before she passed over.  I had just got home 10 minutes after leaving her and she had
passed over.  

No sooner had she passed, that we had orbs of light visiting our house.  I had a ghost buster (for lack of a
better term) come to the house.  He was able to pick up the places where my daughters and I had seen
the orbs and smelt her perfume.  He confirmed that she was coming back to visit.  We decided not to
have the house cleansed, as we are happy to have her visit whenever she likes.  I know through my own
beliefs, but certainly after mum’s experiences that there is life after death.

My mother was a very strict Christian.   I always grew up not believing in spirits being able to pass from
one world to another at will; but I believe now I know that if my mum could come back to be of comfort,
she would.



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