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Ghost Story of the Month for April 2006!

by Lee
I guess it was the summer of was a Friday night about 9pm.  I was out in a local bar
in my home town of Windsor in the UK, with three close mates having a few drinks.  The bar
was called "Crosses Corner" they changed the name; it was called "The Hope").  I'm
standing there with one mate in front of me, and the other two on either side of me; my back
towards the only door into the pub (with my left hand holding my pint and my right hand down
by my side).  We were just talking when I felt my right hand squeezed by a cold hand.  I
turned around, expecting to see someone I knew -- no one there!  I turned back to my mates
who were still talking, and knew it wasn't any of them.  With that, the hairs on the back of my
neck stood up; I shivered; and had the weirdest feeling like I was being watched, and was
quite scared.  With that, I put my drink down and walked out of the pub.  A mate came out
and asked me what was wrong, and said I looked like I'd seen a ghost.   Well, I felt one -- I'm
sure of it.  A few years later, I got friendly with a girl and she told me her parents ran the pub
when it was called "The Hope."  She told me it was haunted by a man she had seen a few
times when she lived above the pub.  It still makes me shiver thinking about it, and I swear I
felt that ice cold hand squeeze my hand.
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