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Welcome to our angel photos page
with many angel pictures for viewing.  
Come view many pics of angels.  
Monthly we add real angel pictures as submitted by our
readers.  Also, enjoy older, real angel pics, as well as
angel pictures and photos of cloud angels, spirit guides
and loved ones visiting from the light. Our angel clip
art and angel picture archives are below, too.
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We have collected real angel
pictures, sent in from our viewers
monthly to provide photographic
evidence of angelic beings.  We
receive all types of angel pictures
that vary in appearance.  We try
not to distinguish between which
angel photo is real; and which
angel picture is not.  But, we
allow you the viewer to determine
the authenticity of each picture
claiming to show the presence of
an angel.

Angels in pictures have been
created by artists for centuries
and have been depicted in our
minds in so many ways – often
times with wings.  Wings
symbolize a “higher estate” than
mankind.  Wouldn’t that also
describe anyone in spirit?  The
place of spirit is a “higher” place
than the physical realm.  
Therefore, who are we to be the
judge of angel photos and
pictures as to being authentic or
not?  You search the evidence of
angels in this growing collection
of photographs, and come to your
own conclusions.
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Real Angel Picture at
Auto Accident
Car incident Angel?

1916 Angel In The Sky
Seraphim Angel in clouds.

Christ In Clouds Angel
Armaggedon Christ on White
Horse formed in the clouds.

Real Angel In The Sky
Angel pictures in Georgia.

Ghosts or Angels Picture
Cherubs in flight?

Angel or Christ
Apparition Picture
Famous Angel in clouds.

Angel Spirit Guides
Australian aura containing
Spirit Guides or Angels.

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History Of Angels in picture, in religion and in relation to mankind...
Pictures of angels are found to exist within most religions; but what is an angel?  The English form originated from the Latin word,
“angelus,” which itself is derived from the Greek, “ángelos,” which means "messenger."  The closest Hebrew term for angel is
“mal'ach,” which also means "messenger".

In the Hebrew bible, we read and see pictures of angels appearing to people in the shape of humans; but of greater beauty -
often not instantly recognized as angels.  Therefore, angels must look like us – like humans.  Some angels in the bible fly in the
air; and become invisible; thus they appear to have similar characteristics as ghosts.  They are described as often being bright
and heavenly; encompassed by light.  Various religions also tell of an angel named, “Gabriel” who serves as a messenger from
God.  He appears first in the Book of Daniel, in the Old Testament.  The name Gabriel simply means "Man of God."

In the New Testament gospels, angels are simply humans used to carry a divine message.  The word "angel" often appears to
describe people who are simply announcers of events, and their appearance is pictured to be human.  In that sense, anyone who
delivers a message can be considered “an angel.”  Are angels the same as humans?  Are angels simply enlightened humans,
thus distinguishing them from ghosts?
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