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Angel story sent by Father Stephan to  Angels & Ghosts !!

I received a specially blessed statue of the Rosa Mystica from Italy.

As a service to those in the community, I posted a notice that said anyone wishing to access this specially blessed statue should contact me.

The very first contact was from a Portuguese family (9 members in all) who wished an exorcism for their dairy farm. I spoke to them and we discussed what was bothering them, and how an exorcism would help them. When I was to go on the appointed day, I would bring the church statue with me and give the exorcism and the blessing of the Virgin Mary at the same time.

We decided a few days from their request to allow me to fast for three days before, so that I would be properly prepared for this blessing and exorcism. So on the day appointed, I was sitting on my bed putting my shoes on and directly behind my head I heard a voice "I spit on your priesthood."  When I spun around, since the bed was against the wall behind me, to look there was nobody there; but hearing this made me nervous.

When I got there, the husband took the statue and led the way to the borders of the farm, and also indicated to me which buildings they were which needed the exorcism in order to complete it.  After an hour or so, all the outbuildings had been covered, and so what remained was the house only.  Nothing happened during the process, but after everything had been blessed, exorcised and the family had received their blessings, we sat down to dinner together.


This was one of the most peaceful days of my life, the family was at ease, and we shared the most delicious meal prepared by the wife.  Thechildren were so beautiful; they truly blessed the family with their wit and intelligence. I learned at the discussion, that the mother had seen a dark, smoky figure hovering over the baby's crib, and that was why she was so concerned with the exorcism and blessing.  She wanted the baby safe from all danger.  After that, there was no dark shadowy figure hoveringover the baby's crib. We left the statue in the custody of the family for nearly two weeks to ensure that there was a permanent removal of the hovering darkness over the farmhouse.

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