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Angel story sent by Father Stephan to  Angels & Ghosts !!

We took the Rosa Mystica statue to a family who had a daughter of about five, who had a serious platelet disorder and had to have regular transfusions when  her platelets were low.  

The family was worried that she would succumb to this.

The first day the statue was left there, she didn't require a transfusion and her platelets were greatly improved and elevated.

The next day when I was arranging to bring the statue back to the chapel,

the father said that they had some things they wanted to discuss.  

So we sat down to speak of these things.  The father informed me that his little daughter was fascinated with the statue and spent a lot of time with it.  Then she suddenly said to him, "The Lady spoke to me daddy," but he couldn't get anymore information from the child and didn't want to pry into this incident.  So we noted it, and then I brought the statue back.   

Later I was told that the wife was pregnant and that she was due to deliver the baby at a certain time.  And the baby brother, who was yet to be born, would be the child who would save his sister's life by donating bone marrow, so that she would reach an age beyond five years.


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