School Ghost Story

by Hayley and Libbey, Mansfield England

Last year, at about September, me and my friend Libby were at school and it was lunch break. Libby started chanting out strange words and talking to herself. It was annoying and I had a bit of a strop. Then I blinked and opened my eyes to find out that it was the end of lunch break and we were in line in the math block, for math. My other friends, Amy and Emily, said Libby and I had been talking jibberish, chanting and singing at lunch. They said they heard a few distinctive words such as 'Scissor man,' 'Adelian,' 'Samea,' and 'India.' Libby and I were freaked out.

A few days later in English, Amy, Emily and Libby said that I had been scribbling all over a piece of paper and chanting out 'Scissor man.' I looked on my desk and saw a crumpled up piece of paper saying 'Scissor man,' 'Adelian' and 'Samea will be the only ones to survive' (or something like that). Then everything died down a bit.

A few weeks before Christmas in math, Libby went strange and was scribbling on paper, yet again things like 'Scissor man' and such. Then she looked at me and pulled an evil smile, then dropped her head onto the desk. And then the same pretty much happened to me, apparently. I looked on my desk and saw that i had drew two Indian-looking girls with the words 'Adelian' and 'Samea' written above their heads. There was also a mutant-looking thing that was made of iron and scissors with the word 'Cosi' written above its head and also heads on spikes everywhere. Yet again, everything died down for awhile.

During the Christmas holidays, I went to Florida. Every night I kept having funny dreams and heard 'snipping' and screams. When I got back in January, everything was normal again. In early February, Libby and I were sick of it and scared. So we held a seance in my room. We turned the lights off and video taped it. On the video, in far right, you can distinctively see the old-fashioned, shocked, theater-face thing. Libby told me after the seance, that she heard a voice saying, "If you tell anyone about what just happened, it will happen all over again." So we don't want to tell you everything, as it is extremely scary. In the video you can hear footsteps. It's pretty scary. I also heard a voice telling me that Adelian and Samea would come once more and then leave.

Then yet again half an hour later, we did a video just to see, in case that did happen. It shows Adelian taking over my body and speaking jibberish and singing. When I watched the video, I nearly fainted. Then I was talking to someone on MSN when Libby's body was taken over by Samea. Eventually, she turned back to normal and we were both shocked as to what had happened.

Nothing has happened since that experience and we hope nothing will. During the seance the voice also told us we would die at the ages of thirteen. If that happens, then we are glad we have told our story.

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