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Jane from New Jersey has captured some good ghost pictures over the years, and has sent us several to share on Angels & Ghosts.  The following picture shows a shadow that could not be accounted for.  It is always good to check your shadows in photographs.  Is it a shadow ghost?

"I think this is a shadow person or persons. I took this on 30-Mar-08 when I was investigating a cemetery in Roseland, NJ where they moved the marker stones, but left the graves and paved over them.  It has been reported that the town hall building next to the the cemetery has been haunted since this happened in the 1950s, so I took photos of the town hall as well.  The front door is very bright and has a large spotlight on it, so when I took this photo, there is no reason I can see for there to be such a big black shadow over the side of the door.  I have not altered this photo in any way - this is the original."

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Above left:  We can see the spotlight making the circle,
but the question is what was casting the shadow?  If by
checking there is no source for a shadow, then...hmmm.
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This picture was taken by Jane in 2004 in Ocean Park, New Jersey.

This effect can be reproduced by a camera strap in front of the flash, but this was shot outdoors during the day when the flash would be ineffective and not able to produce this dark shadow across the photo.  Nice shadow ghost photograph!