Some Kind Of Being                                       Back to Ghost Stories

by Perry Trout of Myrtle Beach, SC
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I have actually seen a being of some kind in a friend's home when I was about ten years old.

The first encounter was during the afternoon.  I went into the house to get something from the
kitchen.  I took a few steps into the house, and something spoke to me.  It was a man's voice,
and all he did was get my attention.  He said, "Hey!" in a startled tone.  I couldn't see him
though; I didn't know where he was.  I stopped, looked around for a few seconds, then turned
around and walked out.  I sensed he didn't want me in there.

The second encounter happened during the late night around about 10 pm.  I was standing
at the bottom of the staircase watching everyone, and I heard him behind me on the stairs.  I
turned around and looked, and saw a dark figure in the shape of a man standing on the
stairs.  When I saw him, he turned around and began walking up the stairs.  It scared me, so
I got away from the staircase, and that was the last time I saw or heard him.  

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