Sports Card Ghost

We'd like to say we've seen everything, but a sports card with a ghost face on it? This is cool, and we even found a comparison of what the Patrick Ewing sports card should look like...

"See the reflection on the bottom right hand corner of the card. Looks like a young girl's reflection with several gashes or cuts along her face." - TJ M.

"My 5 year old girl has a very vivid imagination, but she has told me several times about her friend that is a ghost; and she mentioned her face was 'hurt.' She described her ghost friend's face as burnt and/or hurt on different occasions. I sell sports cards and just noticed the reflection 6 months after I took the picture when the card sold on eBAY. I can't make any logical explanation of what the reflection is, so thought I'd send it in for you guys to review. We have 30 acres of land in Parker County, Texas which includes Patrick's Creek that flows into the Brazos river. We know for a fact that there were Indian Massacres in the area along Patrick Creek that has been well documented. We have found all kinds of Indian artifacts nearby where we live."

Looking at both cards, there definitely is a facial reflection on the surface of the shiny covering that protects TJ's sports card. Part of the eye could have been formed by the photo on the card (we see sort of a face there), but where did the rest come from? How was the picture taken? Was the card standing up or laying down? These are but a few of the questions that come to mind when we wonder about reflection. At this point, we just do not know what may have caused the ghostly face as the shot would need to be reset-up exactly with some control photographs taken for comparison.

Did TJ inadvertantly photograph the reflection of a ghost his daughter says is around them? Is Patrick Ewing's sports card haunted? You decide...