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by Austin from Dearborn, Michigan
I don't know if you remember me, but I wrote to you about a little girl in my living room.  
Anyway, I have some more stories.

My family does theater at a community theater in Dearborn, Michigan. The theater is very
old, and there have been many ghost sightings and stories; some in which my friends and I
have experienced.  Well one night at around 11pm, my cousins, and some friends of ours,
were working late.  My cousins are about 7 years old (they're twins).  My cousin Jacob and I
were in the big room (where we have parties, meetings, etc.), when all of the sudden from
the office door in the corner of the room, came programs and pieces of paper shooting
across the big room.  I was more scared than my 7 year old cousin who said, "It was
probably Zachary (his twin brother)."  Right after he said that, Zachary came walking in from
the other side of the room with a cup of water; and everyone else was in the auditorium
(which I know, because we ran in there right time for anyone to get back there
without us seeing). Then, that same night as we are going to leave, Jacob walks out the
wicker doors that lead to the lobby, and screams bloody murder.  He came running back
crying saying, "The programs! They came shooting at me!!!"  Sure enough, we walk out
there and there is a pile, knee-high, of programs.  It was like a split-second.  No time for
Jacob to do it himself, plus he was so scared you could tell he was not faking it.
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