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by Chris Blanchette

When I was a small child, my family and I lived in a fair sized city.  The home we
lived in was rented and was extremely haunted.  I remember my uncle came to stay
with us during a rough patch in his life, and was given the only room left in the house
that was unoccupied: the attic room.  He ended up moving out abruptly, because he
couldn’t take the footsteps going up and down the stairs all night and his door being
opened and closed.

As I said I was very young and did hear footsteps going up and down the stairs
every night, though everyone was asleep in their beds.  Often, I would get frightened
and find my way to my parent's room to sleep in their bed.  One particular night I was
on my way to their room when something in the living room caught my attention.  I
walked to the doorway of the living room to see a large-man, dressed like a Viking,
sitting in the armchair laughing at me.  His teeth were over-sized, his head was
enormous, and his intent was obviously sinister.

I did not approach him, but instead calmly walked to my parent's room as I had
planned with a complete sense of peace; a peace that at the time I did not know the
origin of.

A few years later, I found out where that peace comes from.  My family was moving
into a large farmhouse on a working farm in the country.  One of the first nights in our
new home,  my brother, sister, and I stayed with my aunt, uncle and their kids as my
parents were both out of town.  In the middle of the night, I awoke to a blinding light
coming from behind the closet doors.  They opened and there stood an angel.  The
angel gave off such peace from it’s being that there was no fear.

Some years after that, we moved again to another farm.  This farm had a barn with
a basement and no electricity.  I was sent to that basement for a tool one night in
late November after nine pm.  As I approached the bottom of the stairs and grabbed
in the dark for the tool I was sent to retrieve, and as I turned to run back up the stairs,
I was stopped in my tracks by a blinding light coming from the corner of the barn.  I
immediately had a sense of complete peace and no fear whatsoever.

I believe there are angels and demons.  I believe a spirit being that exudes a
sinister countenance is a demon…and an angel will ALWAYS bring a sense of
peace.  I also believe that a sinister being can exude a false sense of peace in
order to deceive.

During my childhood I had countless recurring dreams that included fighting demon
spirits all night.  The only way I could end the dream and the torment that
accompanied it would be to concentrate on the one being that can bring true
peace….and that is God.

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