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The following videos with ghosts tell stories of haunting.

These ghost videos vary in subject, but most of them tell stories of ghosts and haunting.

Be sure and check out the Hungry Gulch EVP ghost video, as we know this was not faked.  Hear the cry of a disembodied woman that somehow the video recorder captured...

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Videos with Ghosts
Hungry Gulch Video
Incredible ghost video of a female voice crying for help.

Orb Face Ghost Video
Orbs and light bars at on video at night. But, wait until you see the face this ball of light forms!

True Ghost Stories Vid
Enjoy 9 minutes of ghost story accounts with this video.

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Videos with Ghosts
Castle Ghosts Video
Hear the ghostly accounts of Muncaster Castle...

Castle Ghosts Video 2
Part two of haunted Muncaster Castle, home of famous Tom Fool.

Blue Bell Hill Ghost Video
Enjoy this ghost video of a phantom lady who appears in a road!

Angels & Ghosts promotes spirituality, through exploring ghosts & spirits, but we also wish to educate.  As always with any evidence, you the viewer, decide for yourself...

Videos with Ghosts
Hitchhiker Ghost Vid
Ghost video tells the story of a woman hitchhiking ghost.

Flitwick Manor Ghost
Ghost video account of a Bedfordshire hotel's haunting.

Riding School Ghost
Ghost video tells the story of a ghost that appears at a school in Kent, England.

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