Ghost Box Radio - Enhances Ghost EVP!

This radio creates raw audio and white noise to bring ghost voices through!!
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Ghost Box radio conversion by ( causes the AM or FM bands to sweep continously. This produces a mish-mash of audio fragments and white noise which increases the ability to record ghost voices (EVP).  It is well known by Electronic Voice Phenomena experimenters that producing white noise can help the voices of ghosts to be recorded. The ghost box is another way to do this...but better! The alteration was performed on a new Radio Shack radio and re-assembled. It is in "like new" condition. However, the warranty is now void. has written numerous articles concerning the ghost box innovation (see, including experiments to validate its use. The ghost box is one of the best methods to audio record ghost voices if used properly. This ghost box will come with a sheet of instructions to help the user.

You will need to acquire an audio recorder (digital preferred) in order to capture and review messages. Still, it is sometimes possible to hear messages within the audio "live" while operating the device. We also recommend the use of an inexpensive (or free) audio editing program (such as Audacity or Wavepad) and headphones for editing sound files. Listen to Ghost Box audio recordings of actual ghost voices .

The radio also comes with the stock owner's manual. It can still be used as a normal AM/FM radio, too. It runs on 3 AAA batteries (not included).

The ghost box is a must-have piece of equipment in anyone's ghost investigation toolkit!  The more you work with the device, the more you will receive communications. It's as simple as turning the device on, holding down the scan button until the radio begins sweeping. Then, you can listen live or record a session of questions, listening for responses.

This device does not come with a warranty or guarantee.  Also, we do not take returns, so make sure you understand how the ghost box is to be used. We test each ghost box radio conversion fully to make certain it functions properly.

Radio Shack Hack Ghost Box
Sleek lightweight design and bright, backlit LCD display is a pleasure to use.
20 presets (10 AM and 10 FM) for easy access to your favorite stations.
Built-in antenna.
Built-in speaker and 1/8" stereo headphone jack provides 2 listening options

Fringe Ghost Investigation Technology courtesy of Angels & Ghosts!