Helping Ghosts: Audio

Helping Ghosts AudioAudio recordings of ghosts and spirits ...

Louis Charles has made hundreds of recordings during various ghost investigations and his experimentations with spirit communication. Listen to examples of real ghost voices that were recorded during attempts to help them.

In the first audio recording, you'll hear the voice of a child we believe to be named Cara, a young ghost who was looking for our help. The audio is from a private investigation in a home. You hear Louis Charles and psychic-medium Laura Lyn talking to the young girl.

Listen to this audioCara Ghost Child Audio Recording

In the second audio recording, you'll first hear me ask if ghosts have headed to the light. The response is "The light...yes." Then I ask, "Does she still need help or has she moved on? Did she head to the light?" The response is "Through" and "Yes." These recordings of benevolent spirits were made the same night in Massillon Cemetery.

Listen to this audioMassillon Cemetery Ghost Rescue