Information About Angels

Research historical, traditional and spiritual information concerning angels.

Angels, or the belief in higher spirits - guardians from the invisible spirit world, have subsisted within many cultures since what may seem to be the beginning of time. The word "angel," in its simplest form means "messenger"; one who brings information to another. We have found that by comparing differing religious ideals, historical information, biblical references and spiritual beliefs concerning angels, there is one solid core view that underlies varying opinions: benevolant spirits exist around all of us. This seems to be the one common thread found within all angelic lore.

Origins of Beliefs in Angels
The history of angels is complicated to deduce due to varying cultural folklore, but ancient beliefs in spirits, ghosts and angels most certainly, over time, evolved into our Western religious ideas concerning angels. Angelic interaction with the world stems way back to fables, myths and ancient lore, even to the point of associating angels with being in charge of things such as hours of the day, months and seasons.

Angels in Religion
Angels within different religious teachings have borrowed certain ideas from one another, including angelic classes and names. Interestingly, artistic depictions of angels also shaped, over time, how we believe angels might look in appearance.

Angels & Spirituality
When looking at angels in spirituality, beyond the traditions of men and religious dogma, we see a very open-minded and different interpretation of higher spirits. With the religious goggles off, we wanted to know what people are experiencing during angelic encounters. How do people who consider themselves to be spiritual and with no religious affiliation believe angels interact with them in everyday life?

One thing is for sure: People's perceptions, insights and experiences with angels point to something more personal - intimate. How they view angels is something that is regarded deeply and with conviction.

Angels: Ancient & Tribal Cultures
Guardian Angels, or angels in general, are widely believed within Christian theology to be assigned to every person for the duration of their life on earth, providing protection as well as guidance from the other side. Although shocking, the idea that angels exist and interact with us is not a concept unique to major religions; beliefs in wise interactive spirits can also be found within various cultures, too.

Western beliefs in angels, though spread through Christian and Hebrew theology, first originated from ancient cultures such as the Assyrians who taught about the Karabu; the Greeks who believed in the Daimones; and the Romans who told of the Genii. Karabu, from which the words cherubim and cherub are derived, were winged, protective deities. Daimones were divine beings who worked between gods and mankind in Greek mythology and religion; while the Roman Genii (different from the Arabic djinn) were believed to be assigned to every person in pairs, with one being good and the other evil. Modern-day ideas of guardian angels seem to have incorporated a bit from all three of these ancient types of spirits.

Yet, these were not the only influences that shaped angelic beliefs. Primitive tribal cultures also influenced ideas concerning angels. Tribes commonly hold teachings of nature spirits and guardian spirits of different sorts, though often appearing in animal form. Like angels, these spirits are typically helpers who watch over tribe members, assisting in spiritual development while providing supernatural powers.

Angels or Spirit Guides?
Angels also have commonality with spirit guides, benevolant spirits who protect, guide and provide spiritual insight to those on earth. Like angels, they are good spirits believed to be assigned to a person from birth until death, assisting him or her in their life pilgrimage. Like archangels, spirit guides may also appear in a person's life for a short period to bring special guidance and assistance for special concerns. These angels are often believed to be the souls of people who once lived on the earth but have elevated in consciousness - having ascended, spiritually speaking, unto enlightened, imbued with spiritual wisdom. Many believe spirit guides can only be Native American, Chinese or Egyptian in origin, due to perceived spiritual wisdom found within those cultures; but that seems more of a stereotypcal point of view. Spirit guides have been mentioned within gnosticism, spiritualism, and other beliefs, as well as being a term used by psychics and mediums to describe spiritual counselors of all persons living in a physical body.

Guardian Angels: Origins
The Christian teaching of guardian angels can also be traced to New Testament writings found within the Bible. The most prolific is a quote from Jesus concerning angelic protection of children: "...for I tell you that in heaven, their angels always behold the face of my Father who is in heaven." We can also read in Acts 12 about an angel who comes and wakes Peter up from sleeping while in prison. The angel then proceeds to free him from his chains and provide rescue, all after we are told Peter prayed to God without ceasing. This passage obviously also influenced the idea of angels as being guardians of the good and just.

You may also want to study their antithesis, demons, for some contrast and deeper understanding of the origin of Western Christian beliefs.